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Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XX is held in a three story abandoned residential home near the outskirts of XXXX, British Columbia, Canada, and the entirety of the neighborhood's residents were evicted under the guise of a radioactive waste mishap, the house and neighborhood is secured by a perimeter fence that is manned by approximately 40 guards for security inside of the neighborhood (but not inside the houses) and the perimeter itself, and special attention is paid to the house SCP-XX resides in to ensure it does not leave the house and transfers to other houses, and more resources are to be designated to this SPC in the event that it manages to exit the perimeters, the extent of casualties SCP-XX can cause is unknown due to the current perimeter in place (See Discovery). All trespassers specifically attempting to breach into the perimeter are to be given class A amnestics and detained, while trespassers moving to breach the house SCP-XX is residing in can result in lethal force being used to enforce security. Under no circumstances are the doors to SCP-XX be opened to ensure a containment breach, Class D personnel are to live in the surrounding houses and house of containment in the event of a containment breach to ensure SCP-XX transfers to one of the nearby houses in the perimeter.

In the event of a containment breach of the perimeter, all personnel are to be on alert for the most recent reporting of violent and mutilated corpses being found in surrounding houses, and the nearest house with people residing in it, approximately XX kilometers away from the perimeter is to be evacuated and replaced immediately with 4 D-Class personnel that are to reside in the house, and no D-Class should awake when the others are asleep to prevent an assault from SCP-XX.

Description: The physical appearance of SCP-XX takes on a human, assumingly male figure of skinny build, covered fully in a patchy cloth material that loosely wraps around the physique of SCP-XX. It has been possible to puncture the clothing in SCP-XX with conventional means, including accidentally when attempting to escape assault or grappling from/with SCP-XX. Video footage cannot pick up SCP-XX due to XXXXXXXXXXXXXX, descriptions of SCP-XX come from surviving accounts, and the face of SCP-XX is as if the SCP sustained a large caliber bullet wound to the center of the face, and all features were removed to fill this cavity, exempting the mouth which has been used occasionally by SCP-XX to tear (but does not consume) small appendages from the prey, including toes, large portions of the hand or foot, genitalia of males, and has used its mouth to rip out large portions of hair out of prey. The clothing SCP-XX wears is fully enveloping, but the material over the face is sometimes lifted up by SCP-XX to allow usage of the mouth.

Conventional weapons given to subjects prove useful and can aid in escapes, said weapons can cause SCP-XX severe pain, and even disable it (See Incident-Log-XX-F) for a time, but if disabling wounds are not stared at for an amount of [DATA REDACTED] minutes, wounds will regenerate instantaneously and SCP-XX will continue to attempt to assault said subject until subject leaves house or wakes other subjects. Subjects who are sleeping cannot leave a deep sleep state until SCP-XX is finished assaulting, SCP-XX using a fetus obtained from a pregnant victim to [EXPUNGED, see details in incident-log-XX-h3], SCP-XX demanifests when totally disabled and stared at when for longer than 3 hours, with no more than 20 second intervals during this time when sight is broken with a disabled manifestation, or when SCP-XX managed to accidentally fire D-Class-9888240's pistol and hit one of the sleeping subjects with said D-Class in the thigh causing both sleeping subjects to awaken and SCP-XX to demanifest.

If subject being assaulted by a manifestation of SCP-XX is a female and pregnant, SCP-XX has been found (according to the corpses at the scene) to [DATA REDACTED, CONTACT DR. XXXX FOR DETAILS] and assault the subject's fetus if it is large enough to call noticeable swelling in the subject's abdominal area, the exact measurements needed for SCP-XX to use said incredibly violent on the victim's fetus requires more testing done from pregnant D-Class personnel.

The manifestation of SCP-XX is always present inside a house, evident of occasional stomping in areas of the house usually inaccessible by other people when all personnel in said house or building is asleep. Video and audio feed can capture the sound of stomping, and most subjects will wake up when SCP-XX attempts to lure prey into waking up alone. Walking into houses alone will always result in [DATA REDACTED], and subjects will feel an intense urge to exit the building if alone. Subjects that sleep always wake up out of deep sleep due to the stomping of SCP-XX, any attempts to open eyes or move suddenly until approximately 4 hours after awakening from deep sleep will cause an assault by the manifestation of SCP-XX. Subjects left alone, even during the day, and forced to sleep and enter deep sleep will require extraction from another living person in order to extract safely, otherwise said person will eventually succumb to SCP-XX or in extreme cases, natural causes.

On death or exit of all human life, SCP-XX can open the exiting door of the house while in its non-physical manifestation, and it will manifest in the nearest house with residents. Leaving the door open in a house with multiple individuals for longer than [DATA REDACTED] minutes will result in SCP-XX manifesting elsewhere.

These are the full requirements to elicit an assault from SCP-XX, heavy testing has been done to fully understand this SCP due to lack of hard footage, and still it retains Euclid classification:

*Subject must be alone or the only living person awake, two multiple people will cause
*Subject must enter deep sleep for longer than 40 minutes
*If Subject awakens due to stomping, any movements including twisting over, changing pillows, adjusting blanket, etc. Subject must keep eyes closed in order to avoid an assault.
*Opening eyes during the manifestation of SCP-XX. It is suspected that when a subject is not in deep sleep but pretending to lie still SCP-XX will stare at the individual from a recorded minimum of 8 cm, to a recorded maximum of 12 feet in the house's attic. These records are attained through surviving accounts, SCP-XX will jolt back in shock when subject awakens and stand confused for a moment sometimes before sprinting at prey.
*If a pregnant subject is assaulted and the fetus is of a unknown minimum age, the manifestation will assault all personnel regardless of them being in a deep sleep state. SCP-XX will [DATA EXPUNGED] or slam the fetus into the nearest obstacle. SCP-XX seems to be in a permanent rage when assaulting victims.

Discovery: SCP-XX was found after about XXX incredibly violent homicides near XXXX in British Columbia, Canada, it is suspected the manifestation is recent or else casualty counts may have been much higher and Keter classification may have been given. The most recent victims before containment were children.

Incident Logs:

*Audio Tape Begins*

Doctor Peterson: Before we being discussing the events that occurred in the house about 2 months ago, may you speak of the injuries you sustained during the assault from said creature?

Agent X: Yeah, my left hand after the attack was hanging by sinews to my wrist, it proved unusable throughout the attack from the creature as it was his first attack when I awoke from slumber, and I totally forgot where I was of-fucking-course, so I had no time to wake up and prepare mentally while I had my eyes shut which may have helped me quite a bit, honestly, ma'am. Uhm-

Doctor Peterson: Before you state more injuries, you were given instruction to attempt to neutralize said entity by a superior correct?

X: Yes ma'am. I volunteered for it, actually, Lieutenant [name withheld] came up to me and some other guys at Site [withheld] and told me he needed a group of guys assisting in dangerous research of a certain near-ghost like entity or something along those lines. Anyways, we all agreed and they were [!!!TO BE CONTINUED AND POLISHED UP SOON!!!]