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SCP-4260-EX: The Primordial God, Idrasil-Kemin

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4/4260-EX LEVEL 4/4260-EX



Item #: SCP-4260-EX

Object Class: Explained

Archival Department Notice Regarding the Following Document:
Prior to its reclassification as Explained, SCP-4260-EX had been assigned the esoteric Cernnunos1 object classification. A full overhaul of SCP-4260-EX's documentation to rectify the errors throughout has not yet occurred.


AL-509 at time of discovery.

Special Containment Procedures: The nature of SCP-4260-EX as an imminent threat to normalcy and the continuation of life on Earth has warranted the reassignment of Foundation Subdirective Beta-02 to its immediate containment and neutralization. Every effort must be made to discover the location of SCP-4260-EX's entry point into baseline reality and renew SCP-4260-EX's containment procedures. Failure to accomplish this will initiate an irrevocable and undefined K-Class Scenario, the ambiguity of which precludes strict containment procedures.

Provisional Containment Update: Excavation of AL-509 and renewal of the Stonewall-Class thaumic construct within has been relegated to Area-4260 and is expected to drain significant monetary resources. Maintenance of the SCP-4260-EX file by SCPF Archival Department employees has been temporarily suspended.
tknight, SCPF Archival Department


Depiction of SCP-4260-EX in its uncontained state. Calligraphic marks are believed to be attempts at rudimentary expungement. The identity of the second entity is unknown.

Description: SCP-4260-EX designates an extradimensional Alpha-Order eschatological entity whose existence has been corroborated by various historical documents created in the Pre-Colonial Era Philippines. A defunct and previously undocumented predecessor to the Foundation, FP2-5048 ("The Collaboration of City-States for the Containment of Demonic Phenomena")3, kept extensive records of SCP-4260-EX's activities while designating it either "The Primordial God" or "Idrasil-Kemin". SCP-4260-EX remained only partially contained for the majority of the Philippine Prehistorical Era4 until The Collaboration of City-States developed a method of permanent containment.

AL-509 designates the anomalous location in which SCP-4260-EX is contained via occult and ritualistic methods. Although AL-509 is ostensibly a mundane worship-site, the facility was used as a storage location for all documentation of anomalous phenomena encountered by The Collaboration of City-States. Recovered documentation suggests that there exists a subterranean level of the facility containing a thaumic Stonewall-Class construct which prevents SCP-4260-EX from entering baseline reality. This construct will require a ritual to renew its efficacy prior to January 1, 2020.

Although the threat presented by SCP-4260-EX is unilaterally documented as catastrophic, research of the relevant documents within AL-509 has been confounded by consistent cross-references to documentation which has been severely damaged or is currently lost. SCP-4260-EX's origin, nature, and effect on reality were extensively documented by The Collaboration of City-States, but the majority of it remains unavailable to the Foundation. Additionally, extant documentation is heavily reliant upon knowledge of occult groups and entities familiar only to The Collaboration of City-States. As such, effective secondary containment procedures cannot be produced at this time.

Addendum.XXXX.1: Recovered SCP-4260-EX Documentation

Provisional Addenda Notice: As a result of the suspension of maintenance on the SCP-4260-EX file, additional documentation recovered from AL-509 has been stored externally. These documents include testimonies of firsthand witnesses of SCP-4260-EX, scientific analysis of its effects and properties, and internal government notices recognizing SCP-4260-EX as both extant and an active threat to humanity in a manner inconsistent with mundane cultural deities.

The following file has been translated into English and preserved to demonstrate this.
tknight, SCPF Archival Department

Addendum.XXXX.2: Additional Documentation

Proper entrance into the area containing SCP-4260-EX was postponed until the materials required to renew the Stonewall-class thaumic construct within were acquired, due to concerns that a botched entrance could prematurely release SCP-4260-EX. Preliminary negotiations with the Serpent's Hand were established, with information regarding SCP-4260-EX and its containment promised in exchange for the release of several low-value anomalous items.

After SCP-4260-EX was initially described to members of the Serpent's Hand, negotiations were abruptly terminated. The following document was delivered to containment facility Site-76 two days afterwards and has been translated into English. The original text is believed to have been written circa 1100 CE.


Archival Update: Fixed the -EX suffix for you guys. I know I'm not getting paid for this, but it was bugging me.

On a side note, does anyone have access to the AL-509 database? It seems like it'd be fun to read in my free time.
nreems, SCPF Department of Extratemporal Studies

Works In Progress

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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid


SCP-XXXX during its 2014 manifestation. Hover to enlarge.

Special Containment Procedures: Remote monitoring of Beta Cancri has been assigned to Joint Research Task Force Phi-4 ("Zodiac Hunters"), composed of members of the SCPF Department of Essophysics and the Astronomical Phenomena Division. Extensive observation of SCP-XXXX is to occur during the astronomical summer, until JRTF Phi-4 determines that it has initiated an essophysical manifestation event. JRTF Phi-4 will then approximate its destination on Earth within one kilometer of accuracy, using standard extrapolation techniques for Strayer Fluctuations. In order to protect SCP-XXXX, the area of its manifestation must be restricted from civilian access until the essophysical manifestation event terminates.

Containment procedures for the mass extinction of crabs are presently being drafted and will be put into effect if SCP-XXXX is neutralized.

Description: SCP-XXXX is Beta Cancri, the brightest star in the zodiacal constellation of Cancer, and is theorized to be a large-scale essophysical6 anomaly embodying all animals of the taxological infraorder Brachyura7. SCP-XXXX's essophysical properties constitute any significant injury, emotional trauma, or large-scale containment efforts imposed upon it affecting crablife in an analogous fashion, in a similar manner to previously-documented essophysical anomalies.

Although SCP-XXXX appears to have voluntarily manifested within baseline reality as Beta Cancri, it is still capable of projecting its form elsewhere in the universe during an essophysical manifestation event, usually as a mundane crab. Attempts to communicate with SCP-XXXX in any of its forms have been unilaterally unsuccessful.

SCP-XXXX was originally documented after it manifested in Navagio Beach, Greece, on 2012/06/19, at which time it presented as an Atlantic marsh fiddler crab (Uca pugnax). Subsequent manifestations have occurred annually on other beaches during the summertime. Other parameters for manifestation events are ambiguous, but it has been noted that recorded sites of manifestation have been clear of precipitation and possess generally warm temperatures.

All documented manifestation events have followed a similar process, recorded below.

  1. SCP-XXXX manifests on a terrestrial beach as an ostensibly non-anomalous crab. It is usually not noticed by beachgoers at this time, barring one manifestation where it presented as a coconut crab (Birgus latro).
  2. SCP-XXXX searches for a suitable nesting ground in the surrounding sand where it can bury its body. The criteria for this selection is poorly understood but is assumed to be related to the warmth of the sand and access to sunlight.
  3. SCP-XXXX gradually displaces the sand and settles into the deposit, using its claws to bury itself.
  4. Once SCP-XXXX is completely buried, it sleeps for a period of time not exceedingly 100 hours.8 If the beach experiences precipitation or a decrease in temperature, SCP-XXXX may relocate to a warmer environment.
  5. The manifestation event will terminate, and SCP-XXXX will return to Beta Cancri.

Addendum.XXXX.1: Overseer Consensus


Foundation Directive Alpha-3 ("Protect") necessitates the preservation of life and/or reality in the event of an XK-Class Scenario. The hierarchy of concern guiding this directive designates the preservation of individual species on Earth as a Σ-level priority under Directive Alpha-3.

In the event of an XK-Class scenario threatening reality and/or life at large, the Foundation will contain SCP-XXXX in a modified extradimensional containment chamber and protect it from being harmed. This can only be accomplished if the following conditions are met:

  • SCP-XXXX has manifested on Earth in a containable form.
  • The XK-Class scenario does not threaten extradimensional space.
  • The XK-Class scenario is both foreseeable and irrevocable.

If all these conditions are met, the Foundation will satisfy the Σ-level priority of Directive Alpha-3 and protect SCP-XXXX's containment at all costs. In this way, even though all higher forms of life may be destroyed, all crab life will be preserved.


O5-1 O5-2
O5-3 O5-6



The Department of Hypothetical Scenarios was established many decades ago to prepare for the end of humanity. However, the variety of life in our universe has caused our departmental objectives to be re-evaluated. There may come a time when humanity is stamped out — either by our own doing or that of an invading force — but it is not necessarily the case that all other forms of life will succumb to annihilation along with us. In all recorded mass extinctions, complex life has fallen while simpler organisms have flourished. It is therefore our duty to protect all other forms of life, if our own is to perish.

We will soon begin constructing SCP-XXXX's containment chamber in an isolated extradimensional space, filled with as much beach as it can desire. If its containment becomes necessary, it will be safe, happy, and above all else: alive. And so long as that remains the case, we can expect that crabs as a taxological group will be much the same.

It may just be that the last bastion of life in this fatal universe is a tiny fiddler crab, hibernating on the beaches of Greece. And it is our duty as stewards of humanity to protect it.
O5-3, Director of Hypothetical Scenarios

Addendum.XXXX.2: Communications Update

On 2018/08/03, JRTF Phi-4 detected a radio message emitting from SCP-XXXX while it hibernated. Notably, the message was relayed in Morse code, similar to interstellar radio messages sent from Earth to deep space.


Status: Drafted.

Synopsis: A researcher performs cross-tests on the corpses of several famous SCPs after the events of Army of Dust and Lightning.

Duration: Medium.


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