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Item #: SCP-4425

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4425 is to be contained within a sealed room providing more than 2.5 meters between SCP-4425 and the room's walls. Personnel isn't allowed to enter the area within 2.5 metres radius from SCP-4425 unless permitted by a member with level 3 security clearance. Any unauthorized person under SCP-4425-A's influence is to be forcibly waken up. If the body of any person under SCP-4425-A's influence rapidly becomes covered in scars, they have to be terminated by any means immediately.

Description: SCP-4425 is a glass jar, 3.5 centimetres in diameter, filled with a crimson substance, which couldn't be indentified due to the object's agressive nature. The jar contains what seems to be a package with unknown contents. Upon removing the lid, a being referred to as SCP-4425-A crawls from the inside. It appears to be a tentacle capable of reaching anything within approximately 2.3 metre radius, impossible to notice while SCP-4425 is closed, bearing a humanoid face. Its facial features vary, depending on the observer - apparently the object's face mimics the observer's deepest fear1.
SCP-4425 will attempt to force any person within 2.3 metre radius to remove its lid by constant whispers, the intensity of which increases over time. Looking into the eyes of SCP-4425-A for more than approximately 7 seconds while within 2.3 meters from SCP-4425 will cause its victim to slowly lose consciousness. The creature usually targets the person with the lowest intelligence quantifier within its area of effect.
As soon as the victim faints SCP-4425-A retreats inside SCP-4425, and the lid, regardlessly of its current position, returns to a state as if the jar remained unopened. SCP-4425-A won't affect humans around SCP-4425 until the victim regains consciousness. The target will be partially transported to an area considered to be a pocket dimension, the time within which is experienced in a form comparable to a dream2.
Despite the victim's body still being present beside SCP-4425, any changes regarding their physical condition that occur to their image within the pocket dimension will be also inflicted upon the aforementioned body. The landscape features of SCP-4425's pocket dimension vary depending on the current victim3, yet its shape always follows a maze-like pattern, with a manhole covered with an intricate design in its middle.
A single being, referred to as SCP-4425-B resides within the dimension. It's an approximately 2.5 metres high reptillian biped covered with rough tan skin. SCP-4425-B is aggressive towards any human within the pocket dimension and will attempt to chase them down. The only way to escape this state harmlessly is to enter the manhole located in the middle of the maze. If the victim fails to do it before being caught, SCP-4425-B will cover their body with numerous scars. The consequences of such an encounter are described in the attached experiment log.

Addendum-4425-1: Experiment logs