Nameless Sandbox
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Item#: 4461
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Regions of Mercury's surface designated as SCP-4461-1 (left) and SCP-4461-2 (right).

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the velocity and trajectory required to access SCP-4461, containment is not necessary at this time. Entry into SCP-4461 requires a two-thirds agreement between the Ethics Committee (provided there is quorum), the Overseer Counsel (provided there is quorum), and the Administrator.

Description: SCP-4461 is a parabolic region spanning between Mercury's magnetosheath, crust, mantel, and outer core. Entry into SCP-4461 requires a velocity within 17 to 23 percent of the speed of light while being set on a head-on collision trajectory with the Mercurial surface.

If this maneuver is performed via the region designated SCP-4461-1, the craft, person, or entity sent will pass through the surface of Mercury and emerge out SCP-4461-2 at a point in the future and set on a Jovian trajectory. When this maneuver is conducted by entering SCP-4461-2, the entrant will emerge from the SCP-4461-1 at a point in the past and set on a Saturnian trajectory. This effect is theorized to asymptotically approach a pair of points in time 4.6 billion years into the future and past depending on velocity.


Craft comprising the known interior of SCP-4461.

While inside SCP-4461, personnel will awake inside the airlock on either end of a cylindrical, hermetically sealed craft three kilometers in radius and 12 kilometers in length. The side in which the entrant awakens is dependent on choice of entry into the anomaly. The interior airlock door to the SCP-4461-1 portion of the anomaly is marked with white lettering in a presently non-existent Latin-based language that approximately translates to "Department of Abnormalities". The opposing airlock door on the SCP-4461-2 half bears the same message in Proto-Hellenic. Exiting SCP-4461 is performed by ejection of the visitor out of the craft's airlock. The region outside this craft is incapable of being observed due to dangerous levels of surrounding illumination.

The structure contains five, ring-shaped containment cells on either side and is bisected by an inaccessible osmium sphere three kilometers in radius. All chambers rotate at a speed sufficient to create artificial gravity equal to Earth's at sea level when standing on the far wall. The chambers are accessible by a central corridor and bear a holographic cargo manifest in their respective language.

Addendum 4461.1: 4461-1 Cell Contents

Cell One
Cargo Manifest: Manifest terminal destroyed by high voltage electricity.
Contents: The disembodied head of an approximately 40 year-old Nordic woman. Estimated to be 678 meters in diameter.

Cell Two
Cargo Manifest: Something to forget about.
Contents: One standard Foundation keycard with level four clearance. Subjects inside Cell Two report feelings of inadequacy.

Cell Three
Cargo Manifest: A family tradition.
Contents: A living female little owl (Athene noctua) kept restrained by goatskin bindings with one 25 cm burdizzo1 held by her talon. Surrounding cell area is coated in pulverized cranial bone, skin tissue, and hair belonging to a Proto-Hellenic male.

Cell Four
Cargo Manifest: Regret.
Contents: One Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine.

Cell Five
Cargo Manifest: A plea.
Contents: The left testicle of a Proto-Hellenic male mounted onto a 1.7 meter tall microphone stand.

Adendum 4461.2: 4461-2 Cell Contents

Cell One
Cargo Manifest: Impoverished newborns and time.
Contents: One blender running at its highest setting without a power supply and incapable of being deactivated. The sound of an indeterminate number of crying infants can be heard over the blender's motor.

Cell Two
Cargo Manifest: Four gravestones and a crocus flower.
Contents: A door to cell two cannot exist.

Cell Three
Cargo Manifest: Almost (not).
Contents: One worn office chair, a pair of wedding bands, one picture of a newborn , and one noose fashioned from a category 5 cable laying atop the other items. The noose is incapable of being moved.

Cell Four
Cargo Manifest: ☽☽.
Contents: Cell door opens to a complete vacuum containing one note on self-repairing paper. Note reads: "Recalled due to violation of Entry Contract BOL-R2015 §55a's "One-Time-Use" clause."

Cell Five
Cargo Manifest: Cargo manifest terminal missing.
Contents: The right testicle of a Proto-Hellenic male mounted onto a 1.7 meter tall microphone stand, discovered toppled over. The sound of hooves, antlers, and talons striking the interior of the osmium sphere is loudest in this region.