Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Two agents are to guard the entrance to SCP-XXXX-1 at all times, dressed in construction uniforms and pretending to do maintenance tasks on SCP-XXXX-1. Should any civilians arrive at the door and request entry into SCP-XXXX-1, they are to be told that SCP-XXXX-1 is undergoing renovation, and to continue on their way. All windows showing the interior of the building are to painted over with black paint, or boarded over.

Under no circumstances should the kitchen area of SCP-XXXX-1 be explored or entered, unless under explicit orders by senior staff. Any individuals who enter the kitchen are to b presumed lost. No personnel are permitted to consume any instance of SCP-XXXX-2 under any circumstances.1

Description: SCP-XXXX is the collective designation for several anomalous objects that work in tandem with each other. SCP-XXXX-1 appears to be a Golden Corral-brand buffet, located on a secluded road in ███████. No company records of this franchise in this location can be found. The lights in SCP-XXXX-1 are always on via a currently unknown power source. If SCP-XXXX-1 is damaged in any way, a team of SCP-XXXX-3 will come out of the kitchen doors and replace the damaged item. It is currently unknown where replacements for damaged items come from or are stored.

SCP-XXXX-2 is a food item that appears and tastes identical to food served in non-anomalous Golden Corral locations. It is constantly being served by SCP-XXXX-3 instances. Instances of SCP-XXXX-2 stored in off-site locations have not been observed to rot, change temperature, or dry out in storage, though they can be destroyed in other ways. No abnormalities have been found in chemical analysis of SCP-XXXX-2.

When consumed by a human, hereby referred here as the subject, they will begin to crave SCP-XXXX-2 exclusively. The subject will continue to crave SCP-XXXX-2 even after extended periods of time away from it. Subjects will eat non-anomalous foods if they are malnourished and no other alternatives are available, though they will complain that it is bland with a disgusting texture.2 Amnestics of any kind have not been effective in curbing the anomalous cravings of subjects. A complete gastrectomy is the only known way to end SCP-XXXX-2 cravings.

When a the subject has consumed a cumulative total of 1.3kg of SCP-XXXX-2, they gain a strong desire to enter the kitchen area of SCP-XXXX-1, no matter their current distance from it is. Subjects have often become hostile against anything they view as being in their way, as well as having little regard for their personal safety or that of others. If the subject does not reach the kitchen withing 24 hours, however, this desire of theirs ceases and they resume to crave SCP-XXXX-2. It has been determined that there is no anomalous allure to SCP-XXXX-2 before a subject has consumed it.

SCP-XXXX-3 are humanoids that are dressed in the usual uniform of a Golden Corral food server. They appear to vary in age from 5 to late 70s. They have not been observed to react to any stimuli besides damage to SCP-XXXX-1 or trays containing SCP-XXXX-2 being emptied. Anyone who enters the kitchen later return as instances of SCP-XXXX-3, with their name tag bearing the name of the individual. Autopsies of SCP-XXXX-3 reveal that the clothes have somehow been fused to their skin, stomachs have removed and no traces of any food within digestive tract, and a psychosurgery similar to a lobotomy appears to have been performed with a serrated knife. See document XXXX-wf for more details.

Addendum XXXX.1: Manned exploration of kitchen area

Mission abstract: To explore the kitchen area of SCP-XXXX-1.

Assigned personnel: D-55367


CONTROL: Remember, do not, under any circumstances, consume any of the food served. Doing so will result in your immediate termination.

D-55367: Alright, I get it! You told me a million times already! I already ate beforehand!

CONTROL: Good. Proceed into the kitchen area, through those doors.

D-55367: Hesitantly. You sure? I don't think that these guys would like me going behind the counter.

D-55367: Fine, I see how it is. I'll do whatever you fucks want me to do.

D-55367 goes through the doors leading into the kitchen. No resistance to this action is shown by the numerous SCP-XXXX-3. D-55367 enters a kitchen area that seems to be consistent in design to other Golden Corral kitchen areas, with the notable exception that there is an open trapdoor on the floor. No ingredients seen anywhere or cooking appliances in use.

D-55367: Doesn't seem to be anything here. I guess I had better-

Camera turns around, presumably with D-55367. Footage shows that several SCP-XXXX-3 have gathered around D-55367 and are staring at him.

D-55367: Oh shit. Oh shit. Ohshitohshito-

D-55367 attempts to run towards the doors leading out of the kitchen. The SCP-XXXX-3 grab D-55367, pick him up, and pin him on a table. Then, they grab and stretch out his limbs so that he is rendered unable to struggle out. D-55367 looks down towards his stomach, allowing a first-person perspective of what is to come.

One SCP-XXXX-3, hereby known as SCP-XXXX-3A, grabs a serrated knife and thrusts in the abdominal region before making a sawing motion in the inferior direction. After it has made an incision it deems long enough, SCP-XXXX-3a sticks its hand into it and pulls out D-55367's stomach and uses its knife to separate it from the esophagus and the small intestine. It throws the stomach away and re-inserts the esophagus and small intestine back into the body. Then, it stabs D-55367 in the head. Due to the fact that the camera is head-mounted, it was not possible to obtain footage of the head procedure. However, the sounds of sawing bone, presumably done with the same serrated knife, is heard for 6 minutes before procedure ends.

Although loud at first, D-55367's screams die down quickly, giving way to normal breathing patterns. 8 minutes into the procedure, breathing stops entirely. One SCP-XXXX-3 removes the camera from D-55367's head and places it on the counter, facing the trapdoor. The last footage that the camera captures is two SCP-XXXX-3 carrying D-55367 to the trapdoor, before the footage is cut and status of the camera is reported as missing. Approximately 30 minutes later, D-55367 walks out the door, dressed in a Golden Corral uniform, with a name tag bearing the name found on his birth certificate, behaving in the same manner as all the other SCP-XXXX-3 instances.

Addendum XXXX.2: Drone exploration of kitchen area

Mission abstract: To explore kitchen area.

Equipment: One remote-controlled drone with a camera sending data to control


Drone flies into counter area, and follows an SCP-XXXX-3 instance who appears to be going to the kitchen. Drone flies into kitchen area as SCP-XXXX-3 instance opens door. The interior of the kitchen is consistent with the observations made in the previous expedition. Before drone can go down trapdoor, however, a group of SCP-XXXX-3 grab the drone and pin it to a table. One SCP-XXXX-3 grabs a steak knife and attempts to stab it in the side for a minute. However, the tough plastic exterior of the drone makes this difficult.

Eventually, it tries another tactic, and the sounds of unscrewed screws falling to the counter can be heard in the audio. Eventually, the entire shell is removed from the drone. After this, another SCP-XXXX-3 picks up the drone, walks down to the trapdoor where it is revealed that there is a ladder going down it, and begins to descend down it. It takes approximately 15 minutes until the bottom is reached. The surroundings at the bottom consists of a featureless concrete hallway. 3 hours and 47 of footage are recorded before the drone runs out of battery, during which no changes were observed in the surroundings. 6 times throughout the recording, instances of SCP-XXXX-3 carrying trays of SCP-XXXX-2. 2 hours and 3 minutes into the recording, the drone is dropped and reveals that the ladder leading up to the top level is still behind them.

28 minutes after the battery dies, the drone flies out of the kitchen, moving autonomously and not able to be controlled by the remote control. The drone is wearing clothing done in the style of a Golden Corral server's uniform seemingly tailor-made for the drone. The shell of the drone has been reinstalled. The drone also bears a nametag showing its model. Drone behaves in the same manner as all the other SCP-XXXX-3 instances. The drone appears to have been modified to be able to pick up trays. Doors to the kitchen appear to open automatically for it.

Addendum XXXX.3: Interview with MTF Zeta-9 ("Mole Rats") member after their expedition into basement

Interviewed: Agent Dougal

Interviewer: Dr. Raiz

Foreword: Due to all camera equipment being rented out at the time of the mission, 4 members of MTF Zeta-9 members were told to enter the basement through the trapdoor in the kitchen and report back what they saw in there. They were granted permission to terminate any SCP-XXXX-3 that threatened them.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Raiz: Describe the first thing that you noticed when you entered SCP-XXXX-1.

Agent Dougal: Well, I can't say that I saw anything out of the ordinary at first glance. Granted, I haven't been in one in years, bit of a shit restaurant, but still, everything seemed fine. Then, I noticed the employees. They were just standing there, blankly staring at the other wall.

Dr. Raiz: Did you or another member of your team try to do anything to attract their attention?

Agent Dougal: Well, one of the guys on our squad was new, and had a bit of an itchy trigger finger. He heard that we were allowed to kill these guys, but he missed the part where we were only supposed to do it if they were a threat. Before we could stop him, he had shot one of them in the head. The rest of us freaked out that they would fight back, and started to shoot some of the other employees.

Dr. Raiz: And did they attack you?

Agent Dougal: No. The survivors didn't seem to react at all. They just continued their creepy, glassy stare.
Dr. Raiz: Interesting. Tell me what happened when you entered the kitchen
Agent Dougal: Well, that's the part of the mission where things started to go south. We walked on in and there were a few more SCP-XXXX-3 in there. For a moment they just kept on staring at us, and we thought that they would just leave us alone. But then, they just charged us and caught us off guard. We managed to kill of of them in the end, but they managed to pin Jared-

Dr. Raiz: Who?

Agent Dougal: Sorry, Agent Larson. They pinned Agent Larson onto a counter, and one of them stabbed him pretty deeply in the gut. We shot them dead, but it was obvious that Larson was in pretty bad shape. The one that stabbed him pulled the knife out of him when he was killed, and one of us accidentally shot him in the arm. We told the new guy to escort him out of there and call for Foundation medical help. I hope he's alright.3

Dr. Raiz: Please inform me of what you saw in the basement.

Agent Dougal: Well, the first thing that my remaining partner and I noticed was that this was a fucking long ladder. We were climbing down for 3 or 4 minutes, and we thought we were getting close to the bottom. After that, it took us another 20 minutes to get down there.
Dr. Raiz: Wait, 20 more minutes?

Agent Dougal: Yeah, Agent Alanis had a watch, and she timed it.

Dr. Raiz: Very interesting. Did anything slow you down during the climb down?

Agent Dougal: Besides our thick pants, I don't think so.

Dr. Raiz: Continue to the part where you reached the basement.
Agent Dougal: Well, when we reached the bottom, we didn't notice anything down there, so we decided to take a quick break. All we could see was a long, concrete hallway with no end in sight and illuminated by these awful florescent lights that made me want to gouge my eyes out, or at least keep looking at the ground. But I couldn't do that, as I didn't want to miss anything. Anyway, we started to walk down this hallway, and we keep on going for about an hour. During that time we saw nothing that we didn't see in the first two minutes; no doors on the side, no change in the wall composition, not even another employee. We agreed to sit down for five minutes for a breather. I looked around just in case something was sneaking up behind us, and I saw that the ladder was still there, as if we hadn't budged an inch since we departed from it. We were dumbfounded. Something fucky was going on with the geometry of this place.

Dr. Raiz: It would certainly appear that way.

Agent Dougal: We tried walking with Alanis facing forward, me facing backwards. This seemed to work at getting us away from the ladder, at least until I blinked. Then, our progress seemed to disappear. Alanis decided to see if the environment was looping by drawing a big shape on the left wall. We kept on walking for another two hours, and either the loop was very big or it didn't exist at all, because we never saw that shape again. Finally, we decide to fall it quits and head back up.

Dr. Raiz: Did the climb take longer or shorter on the way back up?

Agent Dougal: Why wouldn't it, sir?

Dr. Raiz: Just checking. Anyway, go on.

Agent Dougal: As I was saying, we climbed back up, with me leading the charge. At the very top, I peeked out of the trapdoor to see if it was safe, and next thing I know, I'm suddenly pulled out of there with enough force to dislocate my left arm. I was equal parts impressed and ashamed of how high-pitched my scream was. A few more of those things had appeared in the kitchen, and they were a lot stronger than I had expected. They slammed me onto the table and stretched out my arms and legs to the point where they were too tense to wiggle even a little. One of them grabbed a steak knife and started walking towards me. I had seen what had happened to Larson, so I knew where this was going. Adrenaline surged through my system, and I managed to pull one of my legs free and kick the steak knife guy back a few feet. Then, Alanis finally dragged herself out of there in time and shot him before he could regain his bearings. The other things dropped me and started to mob her. My left arm was dead, so I couldn't shoot at them. Instead, I grabbed a nearby chef's knife and stabbed one of them in the back. Almost immediately it pushed me off and knocked me to the ground. I grabbed my knife back from the ground just moments before it picked me up by the throat. I stabbed at its arm a few times, but apparently these things don't feel pain, so it didn't do much. Suddenly, I remembered what I had learned in the knife-fighting lessons that were a part my MTF training. I stabbed it in a nerve in its arm, and that seemed to disable it. It let me go, and I took this opportunity to lunge at it and stab it in the eye. After a few jabs, I managed to crack the skull and damage the brain, killing it. In the meantime, Alanis had just barely managed to dispatch the other three with her gun.

Dr. Raiz: Did you document the total amount of SCP-XXXX-3 you terminated on the mission?

Agent Dougal: Of course. 17 in total.

Dr. Raiz: Did the bodies of the ones you terminated before you entered the basement remain there when you returned?

Agent Dougal: Actually, come to think of it, no.

Dr. Raiz: Did you identify any of the bodies?

Agent Dougal: Ummm…No.

Dr. Raiz: That's unfortunate. Well, that will be all, then. You are free to go.

<End Log>