Item#: SCP-4400
Object Class: Euclid Keter


A photograph of the outermost interior of SCP-4400 taken by a drone.

Special Containment Requirements: The area surrounding SCP-4400 has been contained under the cover of as a preserved habitat for reindeer in containment site-██ 76000 acres in diameter surrounded with high grade electrified perimeter fence surrounding it to ward off civilians and unauthorized personnel. Access to SCP-4400 is prohibited to those of Level-3 and higher. Security teams are stationed at around the perimeter fence are to be changed every [REDACTED] hours. All personnel entering SCP-4400 are to receive mental examination for 3-5 days after testing. All civilians witnessing entities from SCP-4400-A are to receive Class-C amnestics. The preserve surrounding SCP-4400 is to by stocked biannually with reindeer, wild boar, and musk ox to sustain local populations of SCP-4400-A.

Personnel are forbidden to enter SCP-4400 under any circumstances unless for testing purposes to reduce the potential risk of an instance of SCP-4400-B from occurring. All unauthorized personnel within SCP-4400's boundaries, or start to show any desire to enter SCP-4400, are to be removed immediately by force. Instances of SCP-4400-A are to contained within the boundaries of the site and are remain under subservience. All instances of SCP-4400-B however are to be terminated immediately upon exiting SCP-4400 with high power artillery and napalm. If an instance of SCP-4400-B manages to take flight or breach containment, all available security must engage the entity via aircraft. Hostile SCP-4400-A instances are to be subdued by use of heavy sedatives, terminating or otherwise causing unnecessary damage to SCP-4400-A instances is strictly prohibited under any circumstances, any offenders will receive severe reprimanding and possible termination.

Description:SCP-4400 is a cave located in the █████████ border of Scandinavian mountains in the country of Norway. The mouth of the cave is approximately 5 meters in height and 20 meters in width and leads to a spiral tunnel that descends approximately 1.5 kilometers below the surface before opening up to a vast cavern approximately 20 kilometers long which is too large to be part of the landscape's geology, leading researchers to believe that the internal structure is a pocket dimension. The ceiling of SCP-4400 is lined with a bioluminescent fungus of an unknown genus that provides ample lighting to the cave's interior, collecting samples of this fungus has so far remained impossible as it will vanish upon leaving SCP-4400.The floor of the cave is covered to its entirety in a layer of gold coins, jewels, silver, and various artifacts of Celtic origin. Most notably, the walls of the chamber are lined with statues/sculptures depicting dragons, Norse gods and multiple well known SCPs such as SCP-939, SCP-3000, SCP-682, and SCP-███. All objects, removed from SCP-4400 have so far possessed no anomalous properties. Attempts to seal SCP-4400 will result in immediate [REDACTED], clearing all obstructing debris and causing potential losses of on site equipment and personnel.

SCP-4400 exerts an powerful hypnotic effects on humans within a 900 meter radius from the mouth of the cave. Individuals within this radius reported to feel a strong curiosity towards SCP-4400 after twenty (20) minutes of exposure. After thirty (30) minutes to two (2) hours of exposure, individuals will attempt to enter SCP-4400, 60% of individuals have known to display high levels of aggression and paranoia towards those who try to intervene, but will attempt to encourage others within close proximity to SCP-4400 to join them. These effects will last for . Upon reaching the interior of SCP-4400, individuals will covet the artifacts around them, gathering as much as they can to create large, independent mounds before submerging themselves into its core will then enter a comatose state, this stage lasts between two (2) to three (3) hours. The process that takes place however has yet to be examined. But after this stage, the individual is to be classified as SCP-4400-A or SCP-4400-B.

Addendum 4400.1:Discovery

SCP-4400 was first brought to the foundation's attention in 07/25/19██ when reports of ███ hikers going missing in a span of (14) years which seemed to coincide with sightings of "dragons" within the area. Task forces were dispatched to investigate the source of these reports, where upon they discovered SCP-4400 and its anomalous properties. Witnesses of SCP-4400-A were given Class-B amnestics and and a cover story claiming that hazardous terrain and snowstorms being responsible for the disappearances. Instances of SCP-4400-A already inhabiting the area surrounding SCP-4400 were cooperative with foundation personnel and the site was established with minimal difficulty.

Addendum 4400.3: Significant incidents involving SCP-4400-B.

Incident 4400-B-1

On 12/13/1985, two Class-D personnel were sent to SCP-4400 so the foundation could study SCP-4400's anomalous properties. D-120 was given a radio to inform staff of the events that may occur during their exposure to SCP-4400. After 1 hour, both D-120 and D-054 entered the cave and afflicted to SCP-4400's anomalous effects, connection was lost after D-120 proceeds to bury himself in gold upon reaching the interior of SCP-4400. Approximately six hours into the experiment, loud roaring began to resonate from SCP-4400, followed by the emergence of an instance of SCP-4400-A which was presumed to be D-120 with massive puncture wounds in its throat and head, and the membrane of its wings were shredded and crumpled. The entity staggered thirty meters from the entrance of the cave shouting profanity to SCP-4400, and emitting repetitive inhuman shrieks before collapsing to the ground and expiring from blood loss and extensive physical trauma. Mobile task forces were sent to the area surrounding SCP-4400 to investigate.

Only five minutes after they were dispatched, and the first instance of SCP-4400-B (formerly D-054) rushed from the cave, reports from surviving personnel claim that the specimens' fore limbs and snout being covered in blood and tissue from the instance of SCP-4400-A. The SCP-4400-B paused momentarily to survey it's current location, before turning its attention to the deceased SCP-4400-A, and proceeded to violently dismember and consume the entity. Personnel were ordered to move in closer to SCP-4400-B when the entity took notice of the task force. SCP-4400-B immediately attacked the site personnel, decimating nearly the entire squad while only sustaining a few superficial injuries that regenerated in █ minutes. The creature took flight and attempted to breach containment, but became preoccupied in destroying the guard towers and facilities within Site-██ with its "fire" breath, resulting in 153 staff deaths and 234 injuries. During this, SCP-4400-B boasted endlessly of its destructive prowess, identifying itself as "Níðhöggr, Lord of Dragons". SCP-4400-B continued its attack for two hours before being successfully shot down by Agent ██████ who managed to fire a rocket launcher from a helicopter into SCP-4400-B's left shoulder, severely damaging it's wing. SCP-4400-B was subsequently terminated via napalm and missile artillery, but not before exclaiming to surviving foundation staff.

SCP-4400-B: You wretched, short-sighted, covetous, mammalian scum! You cannot prevent what has been foretold-(coughs and wheezes)-We all know mankind's dominion over this world is coming to an end! You may have beaten me now, but I will see you all in [REDACTED], or maybe even sooner… (SCP-4400-B collapses into a seizure and foams blood from its jaws for 7 minutes before expiring)

The body of SCP-4400-B was taken for further scientific studies despite extensive damages sustained to the item. Other SCPs that breached containment during the incident were eventually contained with no further casualties. Requests to move SCP-4400's status from Euclid to Keter have been approved.


  1. Only two instances of SCP-4400 has been documented, but skeletal remains of instances of SCP-4400-A have been discovered throughout Western Europe dating back 3000 B.C.-200 A.D., suggesting that at some point in history instances SCP-4400 may have once been widespread in Europe.
  1. Dr. Ravenfield is currently the only instance of SCP-4400-A to work beyond Site-██ and has requested to have her name uncovered that personnel outside of the site would be more trusting of her.
  1. The statue of SCP-3000 located within SCP-4400 caverns has led Dr. Ravenfield to theorize that SCP-3000 may be capable of long distance travel and breaching the waters surface. Debates on whether or not to revise it's containment procedures should be are currently ongoing.
  1. Dr. Ravenfield was temporarily reclassified as SCP-4400-C due to major behavioral differences between her and other SCP-44000-A, but genetic testing has since debunked these theories.
  1. Most site personnel converted into SCP-4400-A are still working foundation and currently serve as the primary means of studying SCP-4400 and the entities that reside within. Field Researcher Dr. Ravenfield has since disbanded from SCP-4400 to continue her studies beyond Site-██.