Item #: SCP-3529

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Any split instances of SCP-3529 are to be contained in separate, portable, airtight and locked container made of metal. All instances are to be kept in Storage Site ██. If at any time any person comes into contact with SCP-3529, they are to be sedated and brought into surgery to remove SCP-3529. If the operation is unsuccessful, the infected subject is to be terminated and the corpse incinerated. Any new instances of SCP-3529 are to be logged and put into containment.

Any mass of SCP-3529 exceeding 50 kg is to be neutralized and disposed of.

Description: SCP-3529 is a mass of what appears to be dark purple slime with fragments of black crystals. The mass displays properties similar to that of human cartilage in almost every way except color. The crystals are a formation of carbon and calcium with a shiny, jet black appearance.

SCP-3529 appears to be alive, but lacks basic organs such as a respiratory system, digestive system, or even a neural/nervous system. Living instances of SCP-3529 emit a very faint pulsing glow ranging from -5.8 to -4 lumens. It is currently unknown as to how long SCP-3529 is able to survive without a host, or if SCP-3529 even needs nutritional intake to survive. The only known ways to terminate SCP-3529 is to completely burn it, submerge it in corrosive acid, or to expose it to temperatures less than -100 Celsius.

When any animal comes into contact with SCP-3529, half of SCP-3529 will split, similar to the splitting of a cell. During the split, SCP-3529 will not lose any mass and will instead, seemingly duplicate itself. The split portion (SCP-3529-1) will rapidly climb towards the chest cavity of the animal. The only observed animal to survive the initial attachment of SCP-3529-1 are Humans. All other animals were fatally crushed and consumed within 5-15 minutes of initial attachment. Plants had no effect when touching SCP-3529.

SCP-3529 was initially discovered in [REDACTED] on 2/1/19██ (See Addendum 3529-01). The largest mass recorded was ███ kg located in [REDACTED], 4/12/19██, two months after the first discovery.

Below is the list of phases SCP-3529 follows while it has a host. Estimated time of the 5 phases takes 41-61 days, though death usually occurs in 25-45 days depending on the host.
SCP-3529-A through SCP-3529-E represents the host during each phase.

Addendum XXXX-01: Mr. █████████ entered the ████████ Hospital at 12:30 hours on 2/1/19██ reporting a strange goo on his chest. He was taken into containment and the medical staff was given Class B Amnestics. SCP-XXXX was successfully removed before Phase 2 started. The subject was interviewed and released after being given Class C Amnestics. Further testing on Class Ds were ordered for the following weeks.