Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP 5012 is a safe class that does not require containment. It's allocated holding cell has however a simple lock that it has the key to. This was a request from SCP 5012 that was granted, as long as its supervisors were also allowed a key. (EDIT. SEE ADDENDUM*1.)

Description: SCP 5012 has the outline of a young, maybe prepubescent female. This estimation has also been reached via her voice and a verbal statement of " I think 14 or so…?". SCP 5012 does not have any defining characteristics as the SCP is pure white aside from a single red dot located on it's chest that expands and contracts with the steady rhythm, coinciding with a clinical beeping noise. When nervous, The red light will beat quicker. The SCP is small in stature and will mostly act like a small child as it is very curious and social, however it can also change its personality whn confronted with a unwanted situation.

*1 It has been found that SCP 5012 can phase through containment walls whenever it wants. A electron barrier has been erected around its holding cell if the need arises. There is a dispute on whether to update SCP's class to Euclid however it is decided that SCP 5012 can remain Safe.

Interview **Interviewer: Koe

Foreword: SCP 5012 is sat in a office. It is picking at its fingertips as though nervous and the repeated beeping is at a medium- fast pace.

<Begin Log #1>

Interviewer: [SCP 5012 you have agreed to answer a few questions by myself, Professor Koe, in return for a small tour around a previously examined and approved section of another part of the facility, correct? ]

SCP 5012: [um…. yes? BUT it HAS to be somewhere I haven't seen before… please.]

Interviewer: [ Your request is being processed. For now lets get onto the questions. You declined every request at an interview before this one. May I ask why?]
SCP 5012: [ I was scared when you first locked me up. You kept sending strange men into that horrible room! I didnt want to speak to any of you at all!]
Interviewer: [ For the first two weeks you adamantly stayed within the corner of your allocated confinement chamber. From your previous statement, I wager this was out of fear?]

SCP 5012: [Wager?]
Interviewer: [Guess. I guessed It was because you where frightened?]
NOTE Professor Koe opted to use a simpler vocabulary when speaking to SCP 5012 henceforth.

SCP 5012: [ Yes. I couldn't move. Those men that was pushed into the room. They were bad.]
Interviewer: [ You perceived them as "bad". Why?]
SCP 5012: [ I could… feel it.]
Interviewer: [Can you explain more?]
SCP 5012: […]
Interviewer: [I will remind you SCP 5012, you agreed to-]
SCP 5012: [Yes, I know. I just… cant explain it.]
Interviewer: [*sigh* Very well. During the first five days you spent in your containment chamber, the repetitious signal in the upper torso cavity- I mean, the beeping in your chest, it remained fast paced the entire time, before it slowly reduced to the steady rate that has been reported 'normal'. Does this indicate how dangerous you are?
SCP 5012: [*Laughter* No. It is my heart. When you're scared your heart beats faster too.]
Interviewer: [Right, you also refused to sit through an interview with Professor Yord, Professor Leich, Doctor Stevens and Detective Keill. Why did you refuse to speak to these individuals, but agree to answer me?]
SCP 5012: [ Well, um… I didnt want to talk to them because they are…scary.]
Interviewer:* [What made them scary?
SCP 5012: [*mumbles* don't know *mumbles* old men]
Interviewer: [ Can you repeat that?]
SCP 5012: [ I don't know, I just didn't want to talk to strange old men].
Interviewer: [So you felt more comfortable with talking to a woman?]
SCP 5012: [ Yes]
Interviewer: [Ok. So how old are you?]
SCP 5012: [Um, I think 14 or so…?]
Interviewer: [ Why the uncertainty?]
SCP 5012: [Huh?]
Interviewer: [Why are you not sure of your own age?]
SCP 5012: [ Oh. I don't really count. That's more of a human thing to do.]
Interviewer: [ You admit to not being human?]
SCP 5012: [ I never said I was.]
Interviewer: [ So, why do you kind of resemble a human child]
SCP 5012: [ That's what your brain thinks it sees.]
Interviewer: [ Can you explain?]
SCP 5012: [ Uh-huh. You cant wrap your head around the actual thought of me, so your brain tricks you to see something you can cope with.]
Interviewer: [Why would I not be able to cope seeing you?]
SCP 5012: [Because your morals and beliefs and social construct forbids it. Like when you ht your head really hard and lose your memories, the first question most people ask is who am I right? How did they know how to speak, or that people have names? Because those social constructs are stuck soooo deep, you cant even begin to doubt them!]
Interviewer: [So, It's like imagining a new color?]
SCP 5012: [Yep!]
Interviewer: [ So since its the human mind altering my perception of you, what would the camera pick up?]
SCP 5012: [ Nothing.]
Interviewer: [And why is that?]
SCP 5012: [*shrugs*]
SCP 5012: [I dunno]
Interviewer: [That is all for today. We will continue this another time]
<End Log #1>
Closing Statement: SCP 5012 became more calm for the duration of the interview and seemed open to talking with Professor Yord. SCP 5012 was given access to a currently empty staff room for an allocated time of ten minutes, before being escorted back to its area. the guard on duty noted that it seemed disappointed.
A week later, SCP 5012 has been more active around it's area and is engaging in conversation with more staff. SCP 5012 has asked for a simple lock to be put on its confinement chamber as well as a bed, desk, pencils, paper, posters, carpet and bedding. Excluding the lock, all of these have been granted.
Interview **Interviewer: Koe

Foreword: SCP 5012 is sat in the same office as before. They are sitting back swinging their legs.

<Begin Log #2>
Interviewer: [ Hello again SCP 5012. You have agreed to another interview to answer more questions asked by myself, Professor Koe, in return for a simple lock on your door, which you will own a key too, as well as your guards and over watchers?]
SCP 5012: [Yup!]
Interviewer: [ So to begin I would like to address the fact you wanted a lock on your door, that you can lock and unlock, why?
SCP 5012: [ So I can feel safe.]
Interviewer: [ Why don't you feel safe without a lock?]
SCP 5012: [ Because anyone can get in. and I don't like it.
Interviewer: [ Are you afraid of the other SCP's inhabiting the same area as yourself?]
SCP 5012: [No.]
Interviewer: [The staff?]
SCP 5012: [No.]
Interviewer: [Then what makes you feel unsafe?]
SCP 5012: [ I don't know, I would just like to have something that might protect me if something happens.]
Interviewer: [Something like what]
SCP 5012: [I don't know, anything!]
Interviewer: [Well your request is still being considered. Tell me, the SCP's that you have met. What do you think of them?
SCP 5012: [Oh well, I like 054, shes kinda pretty when shes not in the water, but she doesnt talk much, 035 doesn't really talk to me, 999 is really cute and squishy! 610 is kinda creepy, 056 is really-
Interviewer: [ Did you say 610?]
SCP 5012: [um… yes?]
Interviewer: [610 is dangerous and contained elsewhere, how did you know of it?]
SCP 5012: […]
Interviewer: [Organic things can't even go near it, so how did you come to know of SCP 610?]
SCP 5012: […]
Interviewer: [ANSWER ME!]
NOTE After Professor Koe raised her voice, SCP 5012 pressed itself back into its chair and started whimpering. Its heart monitor also increased its pace.
Interviewer: [We stop for today. Take her back to her containment chamber.]
<End Log #2>
Closing Statement:** SCP 5012 was escorted back to its chamber in silence and upon arrival sat in a corner for the duration of tree days. SCP 5012 refused to answer anymore questions from staff on any topic. Upon inquiry, several SCP's claimed to have conversed with 5012 and swore it had "phased" through the walls of their containment cells. A electron barrier has been placed around the perimeter of SCP 5012's chamber. This has deterred any more escapes. SCP 5012 continues its silence, so as a last effort, Professor Koe will attempt to converse with it through the barrier of its cell.
Interview **Interviewer: Koe

Foreword: SCP 5012 is in it's confinement chamber and has yet to move or respond. 5012 does show any outside reaction to the presence of Koe, however its heart moniter increses dramatically to her presence.

Interview **Interviewer: Koe
<Begin Log #3>
Interviewer: [ Hello again 5012]

SCP 5012: […]
Interviewer: [It was reported you were indeed talking to the other SCP's housed in this facility at your own leisure 5012]

SCP 5012: […]
Interviewer: [Can you hear me?]

SCP 5012: […]
Interviewer: [Can I ask why?]

SCP 5012: […]
SCP 5012: [I was curious.]
Interviewer: [About the others?]

SCP 5012: […]

SCP 5012: [yes.]
Interviewer: [Did you let anything out 5012?]

SCP 5012: [No.]
Interviewer: [Why didn't you mention you could move through solid structures?]

SCP 5012: […]
Interviewer: [Have you gone back to ignoring us?]

SCP 5012: […]
Interviewer: [Very well 5012. We will leave you alone]
NOTE This is were the official interview was ended however the next happening will be included as part of interview #3. Professor Koe had turned to leave as the SCP spoke for the final time.
SCP 5012: [Congratulations.]
Interviewer: [I'm sorry, for what?]

SCP 5012: [Your child. Congratulations.]
Interviewer: [You're mistaken. I have no children.]

SCP 5012: [You have a baby in your stomach now. A girl]
Interviewer: [How… How could you possibly know that?]

SCP 5012: […]
Interviewer: [I…feel it.]

SCP 5012: […]
Interviewer: [What do you mean 5012?]

SCP 5012: […]
Interviewer: [5012?]

Interviewer: [5012!]
<End Log #3>
Closing Statement:** Professor Koe was immediately removed from the vicinity. No other reaction was induced from SCP 5012. Crouched in the corner, it's outline resembled a shapeless blob with a slow heartbeat.