SCP-4193 “Flashlight”
Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: 4193 is to be kept in a standard SCP verified pin vault level two with a 4X4 meter radius. The vault is to be guarded by one SCP personnel of level 2 or higher during night hours from 1900-0400. The safe is to be recorded and documented 24/7 off site at the] [REDACTED] in [REDACTED] where SCP personnel will determine what procedures will be advised in case of containment breach or any incident of interaction with 4193. Under no circumstances should any SCP personnel level 2 or lower touch 4193 with or without Euclid class protective gear.

Addendum -1: WARNING all physical symptoms during interaction with 4193 have proven futile to avoid. Euclid class protective gear and wear has been deemed mandatory, although no effects will be prevented, this gear is still required when engaging with 4193.

Addendum -2: During observations and random occurrences, 4193 may not operate even within the parameters of the time frame given. The reasons are still unknown, further investigation is still required. Dr.[REDACTED] theory of consciousness is to be explored further.

Description: 4193 is a flashlight made by the company [REDACTED] from [REDACTED] CA. Only 4193 has been found to contain the properties described in this report, no others have been found since. 4193 was retrieved from the [REDACTED] house at 00-00-0058. Reports of distress, hallucinations and panic were reported by the neighbors of [REDACTED]. CA. policemen were replaced with SCP personnel during the investigation after several incidents were observed by the police and civilians assigned to the location, witnesses were administered sedatives and SCP standard anesthetics . 4193 is only operational during the hours of 1900-0400, the reasons for this is still unknown. Observations have proven that if any humanoid is within 3 meters of 4193 a sense of paranoia is felt by our class D test subjects. When physical contact is made with 4193 a series of symptoms will occur randomly, and over time the effects increase dramatically.

Known Symptoms of 4193 include: visual manifestations, paranoia, hallucinations, physical contact, communication with unknown specimens, violent auditory response, loss of location, suicidal tendencies, disappearance of the holder of 4193, and or death.

Class D test subject Interview:
Dr.[REDACTED]: Hello D-152, how you feeling today? It seems like your shakes have subsided.

D-152: I’m, I’m okay. Still seeing his face though. When did you say this will end? I can’t sleep, I really can’t.

Dr.[REDACTED]: Soon, soon, most of they reports say it should clear up in a week or two. I’ll up the dosage and give you more time to rest in-between the studies. What face are you seeing again?

D-152: I’ve told you, over and over. It’s D-151 dammit! It was [REDACTED] f*&$ing face! He told me not to use that thing I knew it I knew it!

Dr.[REDACTED]: Let's stick to formal titles ok D-152? Are you sure it was him? When did he say not to use 4193?

D-152: In the testing facility, it was so dark but when I shined the light I saw his jumpsuit. He was only there for a second but he screamed at me ‘Don’t use the flashlight’ but I heard noises so I ran.

Dr.[REDACTED]: You do know he hasn’t been seen since his last trial with 4193? Did anything seem amiss with D-151?

D-152: I know I know! It was him I swear. He seemed pale and scared, I shined the light but all I could see was what I put the light on. It was dark so I’m not too sure but I never saw his legs, when I started running the light was all over the place but I saw. Things.

Dr.[REDACTED]: What were those things D-152?

D-152: No response.

Dr.[REDACTED]: Please D-152, explain.

D-152: A thing, Pale, it was on all fours. It seemed human, I think. It just dashed away.

Dr[REDACTED]: Thank you D-152, I think we should stop here. Don’t forget to take your medicine at the pharmacy and try to sleep well. I’ll send for security when we begin the next interview.

Addendum-3: The reports of a quadruped human-like creature have been more current in recent reports. Concentration on this creature is mandatory for future experiments.

Addendum-4: D-152 has been reported missing.

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