Nehemat - Renoit World-Experience Blankets
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Item #: SCP-X

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures Each instance of SCP-X is to be enclosed in a plastic envelope fitting its size. The eight items currently in containment are stored in Safe-item room 32 at Site-901. Recovery of the seven remaining instances is a level 2 priority. All reports regarding abnormal incidents or fatalities involving blankets are to be investigated as incidents of interest. Testing with any component of SCP-X must be authorized by the project lead.

Description: SCP-X is a collection of blankets. The label attached each object states the blankets are manufactured by a Renoit World-Experience Bed Clothing Company1. The design, colors, and material of the blankets vary between instances, but all of the items have a measurment of 168 x 218 cm2.

Their anomalous effects manifest when a human subject is covered by an instance of SCP-X3. The subject will experience physical stimuli related to the pattern or design embroidered or printed on the blanket. For a detailed reference of the effects of each instance, refer to Log X-E.

Recovery: A series of reports regarding "strange sensations" and fatalities during sleep in the vecinity of ██████, ████████████, drew the attention of Foundation operatives. The investigation of these incidents led to a local department store where three instances of SCP-X where recovered. The inventory archived by the store accounted for a total of fifteen items. Five more where recovered. The remaining blankets where bought using cash by a single individual, and the purchase could not be tracked. The store manager could not relate the origin or nature of the items. Class-B amnestics where administered to all involved civilians.

Addendum. Log X-E:

Item: Design: Sensations: Notes:
SCP-X-1 Floral and other patterns related to garden flora. Vegetation corresponding with the one depicted in the pattern. Subject D-4634 repported a minor rash on his left arm. Treated without major incident.
SCP-X-2 Boats, anchors, rudders and other symbols related to sailing and the sea. Pressure and consecuences of being under water. Subjects report a "relaxing" sensation while head its not under the blanket. Subject D-78934 drowned during testing, when she fell asleep and moved her head under the blanket. The contents of her lungs reported to be salt water with a non-annomalous composition.
SCP-X-3 Umbrellas, clear water puddles and stormy clouds. Rain falling over the body. None.
SCP-X-4 Palm trees, sun-like symbols and sand castles. Heat and a "sandy" sensation described to be similar to resting on a beach. D-8774 reported minor sun-burns. Trated with no major incident.
SCP-X-5 Racing cars and flags. Vertigo and sensation of extremely rapid movement. None.
SCP-X-6 Humanoid, androgynous silhouettes. Sensation varies between subjects. Some describe a "cozy" feeling of being embraced by one or more humanoid beings, some others describe physical or sexual assault by similar entities. No relation or cause for triggering one or other effect has been found to date. D-9839 requested to participate in testing again after triggering the first effect. Subsequent testing approved to determine reaction to continous exposure. Testing reported the same effect in all the interactions with D-9839. Further testing is approved.
SCP-X-7 Eyes of unkwon genus, clock faces and an unidentified symbol resembling the Canterbury cross. Scopaesthesia, hypnagogic jerk and cutis anserina. Subjects report a continuous paranoia, persecutory delusions and insomnia that persist for aproximately 10 days. All subjects involved in testing with SCP-X-7 must recieve psychological counseling if they are to be continously employed as D-class personnel.
SCP-X-8 Radioactivity and danger warning signs, miniature depictions of nuclear explosions and human skulls. Undetermined. No subject has survived testing with SCP-X-8. Reactions sugest extreme, but short; sensations of pain. Their remains present damage consistent with a nuclear explosion of ██ kilotons experienced from a distance of ████m, but with no traces of radiation on the subject, the object or the testing room