so this is how i type things right i forgot how some of this works

and this is how you edit things cool it's like baby steps

and that's how preview works groovy we are cooking with gas now



Oils? Plastics? Something in the middle?


Microplastics? Microcaviar.

Not every test had colors. The ones that didn't, are designated 'Clear'.

These tests did not have firmly defined 'outputs' into the alternate reality, colored tests always did.
- Why?

Clear tests did not always have return portals. Most did.
- Why not?

There may be time dilation between clear tests, however colored tests may be focused at a fixed temporal 'point'. IE: If a color presents itself on the activation portal, even between attempts, it will, eventually, reset to a particular point.
- The 093 object may act as an 'egg timer' in this case.
- Why? Is it a memory?

Who the fuck wrote that valley girl entry in the terminal?
- And where did she go?

The 093 object does NOT pass through the mirror when it is used as the activator. It remains afixed on the originating side.

This means for an 093 object to be present as an activator, it would have to be carried as a secondary unit.
- In case the traveler can't get back to that specific point?
- How long does it remain active then?
- Who the hell came over here with a spare 093?
- Where did THEY go?
- Is THEY … plural?

There's a fungus among us.
Water is a big deal.

I was not expecting those tables that's cool