Nekumon draft 8- the prey will become the predators and the predators will become the prey

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid


SCP-XXXX prior to containment.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is kept in a 6 meter by 6 meter by 6 meter containment chamber. No animals besides humans are to come in a 5 meter radius of SCP-XXXX except during testing. Testing is to be done with a D-class responsible for moving the animal into SCP-XXXX's affected radius. SCP-XXXX-1 instances under 25 centimeters in length are to be kept in 50 centimeter by 27 centimeter by 33 centimeter terrariums assigned to their identification numbers at Bio-Site-██; SCP-XXXX-1 Instances over 25 centimeters are to be kept in terrariums or pens contoured to the SCP-XXXX-1 instance's size and assigned with an identification number at Bio-Site-██. SCP-XXXX-2 Instances are to be kept in seperate containment chambers assigned to their identification numbers at Bio-Site-██. All security personnel assigned to SCP-XXXX or SCP-XXXX-2 instances are to be equipped with tranquilizers.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 5 meter tall concrete bunny statue holding a 2 meter tall humanoid mannequin 1 meter off the ground. The mannequin is missing it's head and left arm. The statue is hollow and has a wood door in the back. Inside this door is a rabbits foot embedded in the concrete with a spray paint pentagram surrounding it. Removal of the rabbit's foot has proved unsuccessful so far.
SCP-XXXX's effects manifest when any member of the animalia kingdom1 comes within 5 meters of SCP-XXXX. Animals affected by SCP-XXXX will undergo large genetic and anomalous changes. These changes seem to be based off factors currently unknown (See Document XXXX-1) changes in size, diet, and behavior are based off whether the species considered predator2 or prey3 most other changes are unique to the species affected.
Below is a chart showing changes in tested species:
Identification number Species affected Description
SCP-XXXX-1-1 (A & B) Canis Lupis (Grey wolf) SCP-XXXX-1-1 Instances are very similar to species of Formicidae (ants) with SCP-XXXX-1-1-A instances being on average 4 centimeters in length, while SCP-XXXX-1-1-B instances being on average 10 centimeters in length. SCP-XXXX-1-1 instances have antennae which help SCP-XXXX-1-1 instances to navigate spaces. SCP-XXXX-1-1 instances diet consists of seeds, fruit, and small insects. SCP-XXXX-1-1-A instances are very social with other SCP-XXXX-1-1 instances and show simmilar behavior to common Camponotus pennsylvanicus (Black Carpenter Ant). SCP-XXXX-1-1-B instances have large pincers which are used to tunnel out dirt and other soils to make it's home. SCP-XXXX-1-1-B instances have a large abdomen and are very fertile, they function as the queen4 and are the result of SCP-XXXX's effect while SCP-XXXX-1-1-A instances are SCP-XXXX-1-1-B instances' offspring. When threatened SCP-XXXX-1-1-B instances will inflate into a sphere measuring 18 centimeters in diameter.
SCP-XXXX-1-2 Panthera tigris (tiger) SCP-XXXX-1-2 instances are similar to common Ovis Aries (sheep). SCP-XXXX-1-2 instances are on average one meter in height and two in length .Their fur is thick and is similar genetically to sheep's wool. SCP-XXXX-1-2 instances have keratin growths resembling horns in their head. It will use these growths as way of defense against predators. SCP-XXXX-1-2 instances' diet includes grass and small insects.
SCP-XXXX-1-3 Ursus arctos (grizzly bear) SCP-XXXX-1-3 instances are similar to species of waterfowl. SCP-XXXX-1-3 instances are on average 1.5 meters in height and 3 meters in length. SCP-XXXX-1-3 instances have large toothless mouths resembling beaks of common waterfowl of North-Eastern America. SCP-XXXX-1-3 instances have large feathers around the front and hind legs. Female SCP-XXXX-1-3 instances lay eggs which take about two months to incubate and hatch. SCP-XXXX-1-3 instances will make nests around these eggs using any organic material. SCP-XXXX-1-3 instances only show aggression when threatened or when human subjects get too close to a nest. SCP-XXXX-1-3 instances' diet includes water plants and fish localized around the northern United States and Canada.
SCP-XXXX-2-1 Camelus Dromedarius (dromedary camel) SCP-XXXX-2-1 instances are on average 3 meters in height and 4 meters in length. SCP-XXXX-2-1 instances have 4 legs on both sides with each being a meter apart. SCP-XXXX-2-1 instances' mouths are composed of two front fangs and large jaw which is able to unhinged to swallow prey whole. Their tongues are normally 1 meter in length but can stretch up to 3 meters in length. Their spit is made up of [DATA EXPUNGED] and will crystallize after five minutes of oxidation. Their diet includes SCP-XXXX-1-1 instances, SCP-XXXX-1-2 instances, most species of Serpentes (snakes)5, and humans. They show aggression towards any instances of other species, but only will eat species stated in the sentence before.
SCP-XXXX-2-2 Lepus americanus (Snowshoe hare) SCP-XXXX-2-2 instances are humanoid and on average are 2 meters tall. SCP-XXXX-2-2 instances show intelligence comparable to that of humans. SCP-XXXX-2-2 instances have shown an ability to use tools to hunt prey in a fashion similar to chimpanzees. SCP-XXXX-2-2 instances show very social behavior between other instances. SCP-XXXX-2-2 have shown aggression to personnel ,but have not used human subjects as a food source. SCP-XXXX-2-2 instances' diet include SCP-XXXX-1-1 instances, SCP-XXXX-1-3 instances, Lynx canadensis (Canadian lynx), and Branta canadensis (Canadian goose).
SCP-XXXX-2-3 Chamaeleonidae (chameleon) SCP-XXXX-2-3 instances are on average 3 meters in height and 4 in length. SCP-XXXX-2-3 instances' tails have large keratin growths which it can use to spear prey. SCP-XXXX-2-3 instances are capable of changing color and texture. SCP-XXXX-2-3 instances show no aggression towards human subjects and actively avoid them. SCP-XXXX-2-3 instances act as stealth predators and sneak up on prey. SCP-XXXX-2-3 instances' diet include SCP-XXXX-1-1 instances, SCP-XXXX-1-2 instances, SCP-XXXX-2-2 instances, and most insects.

SCP-XXXX was found during an environmentalist art meet up in London, England on 4/██/03. SCP-XXXX was created by PoI-5577 who has an affiliation with GoI Are We Cool Yet?. Investigation of PoI-5577's last known location has resulted in the recovery of a document detailing the nature and intent of SCP-XXXX.

Document XXXX-1:
Document Description: A project proposal of SCP-XXXX in the style of AWCY? proposals.

Project Proposal 2003-555

Title: The prey will become the predators and the predators will become the prey

Material Requirements:

  • 24 kg of concrete
  • A rabbits foot
  • Red spray paint
  • List of Satanic rituals
  • Red acrylic paint
  • Poseable mannequin

Abstract: The prey will become the predators and the predators will become the prey is a statue depicting a human being eaten by a giant rabbit. Due to the established guidelines at the environart convention 2003 the door leading to rabbits foot is to be locked during the convention.

It works by using a ritual changed to cause a role reversal of predator (animal is a carnivore or omnivore with two or less natural predators) and prey (animal is a herbivore,or if the animal is a carnivore or omnivore with three or more natural predators.). This showing what could happen when animals are changed genetically.

The prey will become the predators and the predators will become the prey should be displayed outside as close to roofs as possible to maximise relative closeness to birds. Providing examples of the effects of genetic testing. To show what filthy humans could do which would not only hurt the ecosystem, but hurt themselves.

Intent: Ever since I was created, I have seen the way scientists treat animals cruely, and do unthinkable things "For the better of humanity." This is unbelievable and no way this should be legal. I was created to save these poor creatures from the wrath of humans. This may be a way to show the dangers and unthinkable horrors which can be made to genetic code.

I want to see humans die. I want to see them suffer. I want to see them fear their own power. This will set them on track to stop genetic experimentation.

The chaos will consume those willing to change these creatures for the worse. I want this to cause controversy. I want them to stop at all costs.

I am the tree of life I will show them the wrath of nature.

[End Document]

Closing Statement: Capture of PoI-5577 is mandatory. An on-going investigation of anomalous objects with a similar description or nature to be kept going until a capture of PoI-5577 is made.