An instance of SCP-3175-A

Item #: SCP-3175

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3175 currently has no way of being contained.
At least 20 SCP agents with Facebook development tools are required to browse the
website in search of any instances of SCP-3175-A at all times and are ordered to delete
any them immediately if found. If SCP-3175-B is invited to someones home,
Procedure-3175-C is to be enacted immediately. (See Incident-3175-C)

Description: SCP-3175 Was first discovered in ████████, Montana, on 8/12/██ after a
911 call was received from a distressed man who had invited SCP-3175-B into his home but
had not opened the door yet. After police were dispatched to the man's house, they found
that his home had been [REDACTED].

SCP-3175 is currently seperated into two parts, being SCP-3175-A,
which are the posts that anomously appear on the website Facebook, and SCP-3175-B,
which appears to be a tall, humanoid entity and writer of SCP-3175-A instances.
Instances of SCP-3175-A are randomly posted onto random Facebook users feeds once every
1-3 hours. The posts show an image of SCP-3175-B somewhere within the frame, with the title
"invite me into your house" written.

If SCP-3175-A is receives a comment that suggests the user wishes to invite SCP-3175-B
into their home, they will immediately hear a doorbell from their front entrance, even if
there is no doorbell or door located within their home. If the user answers the door,
SCP-3175-B will [REDACTED]. If they do not answer the door however, SCP-3175-B will leave
and cannot be followed. SCP-3175-B will sometimes respond to comments.
(See Test Log)

SCP-3175-B possesses no abnormal regenerative abilities, strength, sight, or any sense
beyond that of a normal human. However, if SCP-3175 is caught or killed, the resulting
instance of SCP-3175-B will die (if not previously killed) and the corpse will dissolve.
Instances of SCP-3175-A and SCP-3175-B will continue to appear as if nothing happened.

*I don't want any more testing done on this freak… We lost too many to this loser.
Anyone seen replying will get a stern talking to. -Chap Tillerson

8/13/██ Test Log
*(Comments are chronologically listed, and names replaced with codenames)*

Appearance Time: 9:10 AM CT
Image Shown: SCP-3175-B is shown in the corner of the screen, and the photo is blurry.
Appears as if SCP-3175-B dropped the camera as it was taking the photo.
User Codename: Fox
9:12 AM CT: Fox: who are you
9:12 AM CT: Fox: really i woke up because of this freak
9:13 AM CT: SCP-3175-B: can i come over
Result: No further comments

Appearance Time: 10:32 AM CT
Image Shown SCP-3175-B is sitting in the far left corner of the screen, facing the wall
User Codename: Seven
10:56 AM CT: SCP-3175-B: hello
11:18 AM CT: SCP-3175-B: can you invite me over
1:35 PM CT: SCP-3175-B: pleas
Result: No further comments

Incident 3175-C
Appearance Time: 2:25 PM CT
Image Shown SCP-3175-B is looking directly into the camera from the right half of the
User Codename: Kite (Dr.████ ███████ located at Site-███ in his office)
2:26 PM CT: you can come over
Result: Agent-2156 ordered D-16783 to answer the door. SCP-3175-B walked by D-16783
to Dr.████ ███████ and immediately started [DATA EXPUNGED]. After (15) minutes SCP-3175-B
leaves the office and vanishes.

Testing Ceased

Procedure 3175-C
The IP of anyone who invites an instance of SCP-3175-B to their home is to be immediately traced
and a squad of no less than (4) agents are to be immediately sent to the address of the
user. If the user is still living then Class A amnestics are to be administered to the user
and anyone else in the immediate area and SCP-3175-B is to be terminated immediately on visual
contact. If the user is no longer deemed alive, Class A amnestics are to still be administered
to all people in the immediate area.