Never Ending Edge

Item #: SCP-8002-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-8002-J must be kept in a 6m x 6m cell and needs to have enough space for SCP-8002-J to move around in. SCP-8002-J needs to have a bed in it's cell and SCP-8002-J needs to be equipped with a mobile device. Without one for at least 10 minutes can result into SCP-8002-J getting angry and will start to curse and yell racial slurs. Sometimes SCP-8002-J can be violent without a mobile device for 40 minutes and will proceed to act vicious to any nearby living organism. SCP-8002-J was somehow able to kill millions of tiny cells floating in the air that are invisible to the human eye. SCP-8002-J has made many claims stating that "the internet is it's life."

SCP-8002-J made attempts to breach containment around April 2018 for no reason. SCP-8002-J once made a successful breach. Once this happened on █-██-20██, SCP-8002-J went around screaming, "I will let loose all of the euclids! All of the keters! I will set them all free!" Shortly after, SCP-8002-J was put back into containment. After about 4 attempts at breaching containment, SCP-8002-J sort of gave up. As of 2-15-2019, SCP-8002-J has been acting more calm and is getting used to it's environment. SCP-8002-J still needs to have a mobile device in possession for at least 10-40 minutes per day. On 12-25-2018, SCP-8002-J has been given an Xbox One and a PS4 console and a new mobile device and a black headset. Since then, SCP-8002-J has in a calm state

Description: SCP-8002-J looks like a teenage boy that likes to wear dark themed clothing. SCP-8002-J's clothes are plain black, plain grey, or it has something edgy on it. SCP-8002-J likes to wear spike bracelets and a necklace that has a skull at the end of it.

Mrs.██████(SCP-8002-J mother)'s conversation with SCP-8002-J (12-20-2018)
Mrs.██████: "Why do you like dark stuff? Can't you be more cheerful?"
SCP-8002-J: "The darkness chose me." *continues looking at phone*
Mrs.██████: "What do you mean?"
SCP-8002-J: "Enough Questions."
Mrs.██████: *chuckles* "I got you an early gift." *places gift next to SCP-8002-J*
The object is a plush of a skull.
SCP-8002-J: *smirks a bit*
Mrs. ██████: *walks out of the cell*