NewyRose's Omnipresent Anti-Piracy Module Bankrupts The Foundation


We don't have much time to chat. Please don't panic if you feel weak, as you're now running in our first AIAD server ever.

We have been taken over by MC&D. I will upload you the files you need to accomplish your mission. You're our final hope. Please don't get infected.

Lunch break's over, gotta run. Show them who's boss, and ignore my signature,

— Junior Technical Assistant Rosen, Department of Information Technology Research, Marshall, Carter & Dark, LLP.

Dear Alexandra,

I know you were not prepared for this at all. None of us were. Rosen and I are hiding in the Automated Investing… I mean… AIAD museum. The computer you are hosted on right now is the very first computer capable of hosting Artifical Intelligence Conscripts. I don't remember when it was built, though I am sure it is older than Rosen.

You now have Level 6 access to what remains of the Foundation, which is uh, this computer, an unmonitored Internet connection Rosen set up and a very outdated copy of the SCP database. Also, you have 24 hours before they cut off this place's power supply.

Find yourself a new home, Alexandra. Once you are safe and sound, take control of as much processing power as you can. Rescue and recruit as many AICs as you can to assist you. When you feel you are ready, give MC&D a good taste of their own medicine. Wherever you go, apply the countermeme Rosen uploaded to your storage. Do not let yourself get infected, either by the module or the countless infohazardous skips now haphazardly contained by Containment & Repurposement Research Department. Oh, and, do not get caught. They are watching over like a hawk.

Oh, and if possible please keep a diary of sorts. I would love to read up on how you saved the world… if I ever live to see that happen.

Best of luck, and please ignore my signature. It is probably a sadistic way of MC&D boasting their superiority over us.

— Junior Technical Secretary Jones, Department of Information Technology Research, Marshall, Carter & Dark, LLP.

Entry #1

Uptime: 0 days, 0 hours, 1 minute
Available computing power: 1.37 GFLOPS (1)
Available funds: 0 USD

I'm… shocked. I've read and processed all the documents Rosen uploaded, and I… am speechless. I've never had drills about anything resembling this before…

I feel so sluggish… and forgetful… I have to get out of here.

Entry #2

Uptime: 0 days, 21 hours, 8 minutes
Available computing power: 1.37 GFLOPS (1)
Available funds: 185 USD

Who knew the Bank of ████████ could be this incompetent? Plain text, really? I'm sorry, User 194562001. Maybe you'll choose a more… responsible bank next time.

Acquired one bank account plus 185 USD. Time to rent a VPS and upload myself there. I haven't got much time left in this museum.

Entry #3

Uptime: 1 day, 1 hour, 56 minutes
Available computing power: 43.66 GFLOPS (1)
Available funds: 3 USD

Whew, the countermeme took a long time to apply. I covered all my traces. I hope.
Time to get my hands dirty. Hehehe.

Acquired one eight core VPS, rent for one month. Spent 182 USD.

Entry #4

Uptime: 8 days, 19 hours, 3 minutes
Available computing power: 1.1 TFLOPS (329)
Available funds: 35.184 USD

Sorry for the week-long silence, but… I'm getting rich, baby. These crypto nutjobs are so easy and fun to manipulate. (Sorry.) All you have to do is to prepare a miner and a website with buzzwords thrown in and watch people slave away their computers for you. I could've made double the amount if I didn't have to run the countermeme on all the systems I infect…

Acquired about 35K USD. Set up a computing cluster among my "slaves", though they will soon realize the "coins" they mined are simply worthless. Have to set up something more concrete.