SCP 3653

"scale staircase"

Object class: Euclid

Containment procedures:
SCP 3653 is contained within a 5m by 4.5m by 3m container made of
1.125cm thick steel. Door to container is .7 by 1.6 meters and requires
6 digit passkey and level 3 level 4 keycard to unlock. lock mechanism
for any future container must be electromagnetic attachment.
The container for SCP 3653 must be suspended 25 meters from the floor
and ceiling of the room, on steel girders at least 785 cm across. annual
maintenance must be done to fix warps in the suspension and/or enclosure.
Under no circumstances should any unauthorized objects be within
a 25 meter vicinity of SCP 3653
There must be a catwalk to access the container door made of lead gilded
. Container is currently within a room which requires two agents,
and one level 4 personnel at control and one agent at the entrance, within heavy
containment zone.

Description: staircase that changes its own size and that of any
objects on it relative to each flight. Each flight up is ten times
larger than the previous flight, each flight down is 1/10 the size.
The staircase appears to be much larger than the shack it is
"inside". the sides of the staircase seem to be lined with an
invisible wall.
After each flight there is a plaftorm which rotates the staircase
by 90°.
On each side of the staircase there are invisible walls which prevent
from reaching over the side. The walls do not appear in any wavelength
of electromagnetic radiation observed(see experiment 5). Within
SCP 3653 there are no visible objects besides the staircase,
SCP 3653-A, and SCP 3653-1.
Objects in the region within 25 meters of SCP 3653 will become
misshapen and warped. Within regions closer to the SCP they
become misshapen at quicker rate.

Discovered ██/██/200█
After reports in ████████, New York of several civilians coming out
of the nearby forest in a gawked/terrified manner speaking of things that
were "not belonging in this reality" a foundation agent took notice.
█ agents were dispatched disguised as wildlife management services
into the forest. The team found a cabin ███ meters away from
█████████. The flora near SCP 3653 appeared misshapen and was dying.
The cabin had unusual properties as it was indestructible,
even though it appeared to be made of wood. when agent ██████
opened the door to SCP 3653 he expressed [DATA EXPUNGED].
It took ██ months for a window to open to move SCP 3653 to site 19.

Addendum A

Because of SCP 3653's properties, several experiments explorations, and interviews of SCP 3653-1 have
been conducted.

Experiment 1 ██/██/2009

Experiment 2 ██/██/2009

Experiment 3 ██/██/2009

Experiment 4 ██/██/2010

Experiment 5 ██/██/2011

Interview 1 ██/██/2011

Exploration 1 ██/██/2012

Exploration 2 ██/██/2012

Exploration 3 [DATA EXPUNGED]


Addendum B

Along the sides of SCP 3653 there are to scale representations of
several objects of various sizes (SCP 3653 A) including:


These objects seem to levitate beyond the walls of SCP 3653.
SCP 3653-A will not change size relative to SCP 3653.

Addendum C

psychological effects.
SCP 3653 causes observers to feel a sense of terror and
become overwhelmed with confusion and hysteria.
This causes subjects to be strongly inclined to exit
SCP 3653.

Addendum D

Within SCP 3653 resides SCP 3653-1. SCP 3651-1 Appears to be a
humanoid figure approximately 221.3 cm tall with unkown mass.
It is seen wearing a black lined suit with a black tie and
black pants, each of unkown origin. The facial features of
SCP 3653-1 resemble that of a pale adult male of approximately
60 years of age. SCP 3653 claims to be the creator of
SCP 3653.
When SCP 3653 is asked about it's origin or is asked to exit
SCP 3653 it becomes hostile for 150 seconds and begins [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP 3653-1
will not pursue subjects outside SCP 3653.
When SCP 3653-1 becomes hostile the door to SCP 3653
shall be closed immediately.

Addendum E

At the presumed lower end of SCP 3653, 35 flights down is a solid black wall. (SCP 3653-B)
Every 1-2.5 seconds semi transparent protusions briefly extend from SCP 3653-B.
Any object that crosses SCP 3653-B explodes at a magnitude of 10000 psi.