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Item #: SCP-3160

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3160 Cannot be removed from its containment cell at ALL times. SCP-3160 Must be kept in a completely sealed Cryogenic container filled with liquid helium with stainless steel lined inside with chemically inert polymeric fluorocarbon at all times. The container is in a diameter of two (2) meters in width, two (2) meters in length, and four (4) meters in height. The interior of the container must have a micro security camera embedded into the steel outer shell, and the polymeric fluorocarbon liner be fitted with a small sapphire window, providing a line of sight between the camera and the object. Also, it must have extra shock absorbent cushioning to prevent absolutely any damage to the object.

Only level 5 personnel and higher or MTF can enter the containment cell. If a containment breach of other SCP's occur, five (5) MTF personnel must get to the containment cell as fast as possible and terminate any Class-D or SCP that makes their way into the containment cell.

Description: SCP-3160, according to Class-D tests, is some sort of Crystallized Energy embedded in the 3D lattice of polymorphic Iodine which is known to sublime when heated forming a toxic gas. Effects of this gas is known to cause a fever, hallucinations, and fatal organ failure. SCP-3160 is a large crystal approximately three (3) meters tall and 30 centimeters in length and width.

It appears that streaks of light resembling electric discharges can be seen inside the crystal producing roughly ██ watts per minute. Any amount of pressure approximately over 30 pounds of pressure would shatter the object and create an immense shock-wave that would destroy all power sources within the range of 500² kilometers. The object is a prototype fuel cell, product of a research project of the [REDACTED]. The project involved reverse engineering of █████ technology recovered from the ███████ [REDACTED] crash of 1947 in Roswell.

<Begin Log, [19:00:00]>
<Test 1 on SCP-XXXX, water>
Foreword: [Dr. █████ ██████ behind the protective glass will now conduct a experiment with a Class-D]
Interviewer: Dr. █████ ██████ [Decrease the temperature in the cell to five (5) degrees please]
Foreword: [Temperature has dropped to 5 degrees]
Interviewer: Dr. █████ ██████ [Open the Cryogenic container please]
Foreword: [Cryogenic container opened]
Interviewer: Dr. █████ ██████ [OK, D-4587, pour a cup of water onto SCP-3160 please]
D-4587: [Alright]
Foreword: [D-4587 died from 5 Megajule of electricity]
<Test subject killed>
<End Log, [19:03:37]>