Object #: SCP-████

Object class: Keter

Special containment procedures: SCP-████ is located at site ██ and is strictly forbidden to come into any contact with any other SCPs or outside personnel. Due to the dangerous consequences of a potential containment breach it has been decided that SCP-████ is to have it's own facility. This facility is forbidden to use any lighting below level ██ and no form of heating or pipelines are to be built. Only personnel of clearance 3 or higher are allowed to venture below level ██ and this is only when maintenance of SCP-████ chamber is being done. The containment chamber is a spherical room with a diameter of 12 meters with 6 meters thick concrete walls with a minimalised entrance for personnel. The inside of the sphere must be entirely drained and filled with vacuum, no other gasses may enter the room. When personnel wish to access the room oxygen masks and protective suits must be distributed before entering.

SCP-████ is held in place by 6 magnets placed at equal distances from each other. These magnets must be changed every 2 weeks as they are constantly drained by SCP-████.

SCP-████ must be kept in permanent lockdown at all time and is only allowed to be accessed by personnel of clearance level 3 or higher after atleast 3 personnel of clearance 4 or higher has given their approval. Any experiments involving SCP-████ must be thoroughly investigated and approved before executed. Should SCP-████ manage to breach containment the facility manager is obliged to start defensive measures: 243, resulting in the whole facility being drained of all air and being put on complete lockdown until the foundation can respond. Any personnel killed in this way are considered required sacrifice as the priority of containing SCP-████ is above everything else.

Description: SCP-████ is an orb of dark matter unknown to the foundation. The orb transmits high levels of both alpha and gamma radiation and has also been observed to release low pitched sounds of approximately 3-4 dB. The orb drains energy from anything in it's vicinity, showing to be most effective against light as it can easily catch photons. SCP-████ is also able to drain thermal energy and even mechanical and kinetic energy. SCP-████ is also able to break matter on a subatomic level releasing large amounts of energy. This process has so far been registered to take a very long time and no greater incidents of this has been recorded.

SCP-████ is not sentient and its sounds can not be deciphered. It has been noted that the anomaly is attracted towards the nearest largest energy source. Speeds that the object can move has not been recorded.

The range of which it can access energy sources can be reduced by placing objects in its path, this does however not stop the drain completely, it only slows it down. Due to the lack of energy surrounding SCP-████ no videorecording can be made of the anomaly as there is no light or heat that can be recorded. The only source of information researchers can get from within the container are those of the low pitched sounds emitted by SCP-████. The anomaly has it's own gravitational pull which affects all objects in it's radius.

By the time of writing 20██-██-██, the effective range of SCP-████ is estimated to be 5 meters away from the globe. Exact size of the current globe is unknown as the distance from the outmost effective range to the globe is unknown. All energy picked up by SCP-████ will add to it's own stored energy and it will in turn increase in size and its effective range becomes larger. Upon discovery, SCP-████ was roughly the size of a golfball contained in a tiny sphere shaped container made out of copper and an unknown material being able to conceal SCP-████ entirely. The container is hereby referred to as SCP-████-1. SCP-████-1 has a simple button on one side which opens it, however the container does not close once it is opened.