Night Hatul
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SCP-XXX rising in his "phoenix" form

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be kept in a containment room, with fire-resistant walls made of ceramic and one glass window, the glass have to be fire-resistant as well as bulletproof, to keep it from crushing the walls or window and breaking out.

The object has to be fed a bucket of 5 live rats, while the SCP is eating there has to be 2 guards at least guarding the entrance, and 5 guards inside giving him his food. After the subject has completed feasting all personnel in the area are to evacuate immediately.
The containment unit has to have at least two [2] pipes streaming a CO2 constantly, due to the gas being non-flammable the object will not get powerful enough to escape.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a middle aged, humanoid, bearded man. SCP-XXXX has demonstrated the ability to manifest conflagrations around himself. The resulting fire is roughly avian in shape, and big as 2.5 meters high, the said fire does not appear to damage SCP-XXXX. The flames appear to be red and blue colored, and seem to cover him up entirely.

The flames seem to have tremendous heat and are able to set on fire everything within a 5 meters radius. Agent are to stay away from the subject as much as possible.
The results of flesh or organic matter put within burning radius of the phoenix's flame were:

  • The matter was put within 4.5 meters from the object's fire.
  • the matter caught on fire rather quickly, despite his distance from the fire.
  • After a short while, the matter started melting.
  • The matter kept melting until evaporating, and nothing left.

Additional: The SCP seems to be able to talk, several interviews were held with the subject.
Everything that comes with direct contact with the "phoenix" form of SCP-XXXX melts instantly, with no trace left behind.
The flames of the entity seem to have unique usage based on their color.

Addendum XXXX-01: After the research made by doctor █████ it is established that the effect of the red fire is burning everything around it in extreme heat.
The effect of the blue flames are still uncertain.

Addendum XXXX-02: The subject managed to breach his containment after an error in the pipe system has occurred. While trying to maintain the SCP, agents found he is invincible to bullets. The explanation to this is still not clear. It is found that the only way to be able to harm the creature is to first weaken its flames.
Speculations are the blue flames are recovering any wound the creature may have in an instant, which makes it almost impossible to harm.
The theory has supportings from the mythological tale of the phoenix, in which he "regenerates" from his fire and reborns from ashes.

Interviewed: SCP-XXXX

Interviewer: Dr. Wallace Underwood, site 64

Dr. Underwood: Hello? Can you speak?
SCP-XXXX: Yes, sir.. i can.. i understand there is no need for introduction?
Dr. Underwood: Well, we know you quite well.. (giggles) im doctor Underwood, im here to know more about you, im hoping we can cooperate. How are you today?
SCP-XXXX: How am i today? Well.. im warm.
Dr. Underwood: And you like the warmth? Is it comfortable?
SCP-XXXX: Not really.. 'warm' is not enough.. i want HEAT. I want FIRE.
Dr. Underwood: Im afraid we cannot give you that.. the fire will ruin this site.
SCP-XXXX: I know, you are too afraid.. but that won't last.. the fire will consume everything around you in the end. You cannot stop the flames! (Eyes are turning to red)
Dr. Underwood: Okay okay calm down, man. You sound like a psycho. I ask you to cooperate with me here so we will get to an understanding.
SCP-XXXX: (Eyes are back to blue, panting) okay, you're right.. i'm not a psycho, its just i can't resist my urge to see stuff burn.. i don't know what is happening…
Dr. Underwood: it's alright.. lets see now. What are your origins? Where did you come from? Are you an ancient beast?
SCP-XXXX: No. Non of that. I'm just an ordinary man. I think.. i woke up in my old apartment in northern scandinavia, and well.. l'll just say it. I was part of a cult. I.. was one of the "children of the scarlet king". And well, one time one of our rituals wasn't so successful, and.. everything went to shit.
Dr. Underwood: Watch your language, this is documented.
SCP-XXXX: anyways. The ritual wasn't so
successful. It happened something like that:
We tried to summon him, we had everything ready for it.
But.. for some reason, i guess someone did something
wrong, but the lights started to flick, it never happened
before. The ground started shaking and.. i felt something
inside me. Like, a demon or something got inside me. It
felt horrible. It was just like i was dying. Then i passed
When i woke up i was alone, and noticed something is
wrong. I tried to keep living my life like normal, but i
noticed my eyes were changing sometimes. And.. after a
while i understood that i'm.. no longer human.
Dr. Underwood: And you have no idea what exactly happened?
SCP-XXXX: No, i cannot understand it either.
Dr. Underwood: Okay then. I guess that would be the end of this interview. Thank you for your cooperation, that information will help us a lot in farther investigation and research.

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(x-men syndrome)
(discuss in forum what to improve on the general idea of the scp)
(backstory isn't that good)
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