It's isn't what is called, it's another thing i'm sure of it, but I don't know what it is, it just appeared in my dreams, i just felt fear, at some point it started talking, it wasn't the onlyone of the specie, it was one of the oldest things of the universes, but not the fist one.
The mother/father, the personificated form of the darknes, pain and fear, those were some of the names that the people who heard about that use to describe it. A "monster" that always and never existed, it's everywere and nowere, all at the same time, It and Luxerus created this universe and all the others for fun, and now It is tired and bored of us(son's of Luxerus),it have been looking for us and it's eating all the universes that have been created, nothing can stop it, It knows where we are, but is having fun couse fear, fake hope and pain are the best food, it will make us feel the worst tipe of pain and fear that a human coud feel … there is no hope - those are the words of the nightmare, the monster that end my life and will end yours too someday, you shouldn't be afraid of Nightmare ending your life, you should be grateful because it did it before the creator came