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free blackboxes: ████

Item #: pending (henceforth referred to as xx)

Object class: Euclid Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: the remaind kept in an airtight storage locker and monitored for any temprature fluxuations. Testing of object-xx confirm heat emergy emission of 2mJ/ minute. No other anomalous effects have been noted.

Pre-neutralization containment procedures have been archived and are attached below.

Description: SCP-xx is an anomalous nightstand demonstrating wear from approx. 14 years of usage. The surface of SCP-XX is coated in an assorted mixture of wax from ██ candles, heavy carbonation, ash, and human saliva. SCP-xx possesses an indentation on the back right corner approx. 3 CM deep.

All attempts to alter or repair SCP-XX result in revertion to baseline state.

SCP-xx will manifest objects loosley pertaining to the concepts of scent and/or fire when not directly observed. These objects include, but are not limited to: candles of various makes, small twigs of various woods, incense, plant based kindling, liquid perfume, bent paperclips, lighters, wax sculptures, matches and candle holders. SCP-XX will not manifest objects if the surfaces of SCP-XX are otherwise occupied

Objects manifested by SCP-xx do not correspond with known brands. Bootlegs of brands, however, have been observed. Manifested objects follow the following donominatoms:

• Should an object be scented to that of a plant, the scent in question will not represent any known floral life.
• All objects produced by SCP-xx demonstrate some form of previous wear. Objects produced by SCP-xx remain functional regardless of otherwise decommissioning damage.
• 48% of objects have been modified in some regard.
•1.78% of objects produced by SCP-xx are anomalous; of those, only 32% have anomalous properties that present an otherwise harmful effect.

SCP-xx posses a field 2.3 m in radius extending in all directions, designated SCP-xx-b. Temperatures within SCP-xx-B are 7.3° C higher than the surrounding average. Smoke and/or airborne cinders manifest in the air inside SCP-xx-b until .6% of the air is these partuculates. Water vapor content within SCP-xx-b is a constant 0.001%. Should water be evaporated within SCP-XX, any vapour will demanifest. These properties, combined with manifestation of flammable materials results in high fire risk in and around SCP-xx. It is to be of note that temperatures [REDACTED] exponential rate. Should [REDACTED] reach [REDCATED]. [REDACTED] and cycle will restart. Please see incident log XX-B-1 for more details on burn events.

Most effects of SCP-xx-b are mitigated by submersion of at least 83% of the main structure into water. Temperature alteration is not neutralized by submersion.

SCP-xx was discovered when the user ████'█ █████ posted an item on the popular bidding site, Ebay titled "Nightstand with authentic fire spirit Fire witchy dresser magical"

Testing Logs:

//you gotta write em, me. They aint coming out of thin air.

Addendum A: Incident log -xx-B: (this bits in typewriter font)



USERNAME: ClementIne28102

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Incident log 6/16/2017:

8:██, temperature sensors detected a spike in heat output of ██ joules by SCP-xx. Temperature returned to normal levels. Occurance was noted and no other actions were made. Temperature was -6 degrees Celsius

8:██: A secondary temperature spike of ██ joules, followed by a steady increase in the vicinity of SCP-xx at a rate of ██ joules per minute. MTF-Epsilon-14 and onsite security was notified, but no modifications to containment cell had been made Current temperature was 13 degrees Celsius.

9:██: SCP-xx had been removed from current cell and placed in a keter-class containment cell. The radius of SCP-xx-b had observed to increase, as well as the severity of it's anomalous effects. Ash and smoke particulate manifestation had increased severely. Cell ventilation was closed as a result. Minor objects had manifested inside SCP-xx during transportation. Current temperature was 37 degrees Celsius.

9:██: Airbourne smoke particulates had reached a point where visual observation was deemed obsolete. Monitoring of SCP-xx reduced to temperature readings. Current temperature was 132 degrees centigrade.

9:██: State of emergency declared after all measures to prevent SCP-xx's thermal effects failed. Personnel and contained objects successfully evacuated site. MTF-Epsilon-14, having unsuccessfully attempted to prevent SCP-xx ordered to retreat. Current temperature was 183 degrees.

10:2█: Temperature readings predict an exponential curve. Extreme Environment Exploration Drone Richard-76 deployed to observe SCP-xx. Due to smoke obstruction, SCP-xx had been manifesting flammible objects for ██ minutes. SCP-xx observed engulfed in flames 1█ meters in diameter despite the lack of fuel to sustain such a fire. Current temperature 428 degrees.

10:3█: In-cell thermometer had broke despite being rated for temperatures up to 750 degrees Centigrade. Thermometer onboard Richard-76 reads 1328 degrees. Facility deemed unsalvagable.

10:5█: Richard-76 destroyed by extreme temperature. Inferno breached containment cell. Flames were reported to be ~██ meters high. Despite high thermal energy, very little electomagnetic radiation. Temperatures estimated to have reached >2,500 degrees farenheit on the surfact of SCP-xx.

12:2█: Temperatures began descending.

█:██: Facility temperatures deemed safe for human exploration. See expidition result log-XX for summary.

object-xx: Replica human heart 21 CM in diameter made out of ignieous rock. Radiates faint heat energy.