SCP-5060-PL (English edition)

Item: SCP-5060-PL

Object class: Safe

SCP-5060 photo:


Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5060 have room like in normal house, in his room you can find a PC with internet connection,microphone,headphones,gaming keyboard with computer mouse, 3 monitors, bed and console with TV.

Description: SCP-5060 is a parrot he can speak,write,read,fly,walk, everyone like him.


date: 12.03.20█5
scientist supervising the Dr.[edit] experiment
in the test one employee of class D [D-979] and one armed with MTF took part
scientist: D-979 open door from room and go inside
D-979 opens door
SCP-5060-PL: hi D-979
D-979: how you know my D tag
SCP-5060-PL: that was easy because this stupid scientist don't remember to turn off speakers in my room
D-979: oh that makes sense
2 hours later D-979 get out from room he says at that was good conversation and he waits in his cell

conclusions: SCP-5060-PL affects the psyche of the speaker and makes him feel like you are in your home


a loyalty test was carried out on SCP-5060-PL
positive test result

SCP-5060-PL is here 2 year and now he is one of scientist he have access level █
and now he have name Nimfer

Dr.Nimfer takes over this experiment