Crab Bird

Item #: SCP-████

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Any known containment effort has failed, as SCP-████ is able to form in any location. SCP-████ is known to form only in Norway, efforts on figuring out any pattern are also underway.

Description: SCP-████ is a small white door of indeterminate genetic makeup, despite this, it appears to be made of some sort of oak tree. SCP-████ is approximately 1.8 meters tall and 0.7 meters wide. As any other door, SCP-████ is decorated with a small silver door handle. Said door handle appears to be well polished, and any attempt to tarnish it has been unsuccessful. SCP-████’s durability also seems to be unlimited, being unable to be broken from any tool or on any surface. Attempts to look behind SCP-████ door frame have also been left with inconclusive results.

SCP-████ will randomly appear in any area within the boundaries of the country Norway, and may disappear from the area at any time. Some records have shown the door to take as long as a month, or as quick as a minute.

When in physical contact with the door handle, the inflicted area will begin to adhere to it. After approximately 1 (one) minute the exposed region of the subject’s body will begin to bleed violently, and bone inside the limb or body part will distort to extreme levels. This has been reported as incredibly painful, and subjects will usually faint of shock after the first 20 (twenty) seconds of the transformation. The subject will not be able to remove themselves from the door handle until it has opened. When attempting to open the door, it will commonly jam, and will need careful execution to open correctly.

SCP-████ will reveal a small dirt lot when opened, no matter the area or surface it manifests in. Subjects report strong emotions towards entering the lot after opening the door, and any attempts to stop subjects from entering the doorway has resulted in the subject lashing out in a frenzy to remove any personnel trying to stop them. After entering the door, it will close for approximately 5 (five) minutes while audible screams (Presumably from the subject) are heard. After this time has passed, the screaming will stop and the door will emit a quiet clicking noise. Any camera or audio equipment will fail as soon as the subject enters the door.