The Sad Dagger

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX must be kept inside of a small sealed glass containment box and locked behind a standard steel door. Surveillance is not necessary, but advised to monitor potential unauthorized entry into the containment cell. Physical observation by gloved Class D personnel is allowed, so long as psychiatric test are administered immediately following observation.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an ancient dagger roughly 2,071 years old, dating back to 53 B.C.E. Appearing to be of Gallic origin, this dagger was found by Field Agent █████ while investigating an extremely high level of reports of depression and suicide at a construction site near the town of [REDACTED] on the border of France and Switzerland. The reports came after construction crew members uncovered the remains of three people, two facing each other with a third between them.

Due to the dagger being found inside of the third skeleton's rib cage, the conclusion has been reached that it was a sacrificial dagger. Research has inferred that the other two people found near the body were most probably killed by Roman centurions at roughly the same time as the sacrifice. It is believed that these two sacrificed the third person to gain favor with the Gallic gods, seconds before the Roman's breached the room.

The dagger is roughly 8 inches long, appearing to have dulled and rusted over the years. Testing has confirmed the blade as being iron and the hilt as being sheep's bone. The reddish-brown flaky substance on the blade has been confirmed to be the blood of at least [REDACTED] people.

The dagger is believed to be imbued with the sadness and fear of all those that have been sacrificed with it. It is also believed to have been imprinted on by the killing intent of the soldiers that attacked so close to a sacrifice. The dagger has been seen to immediately cause long lasting severe depression and suicidal tendencies to any who hold it with bare hands. It also has been shown to be capable of slowly projecting these emotions on any who stand near the object. Gloves have been proven to cease the immediate effects of the bare contact with the object, however no way has been found to cease the projecting effects of the object aside from sealed containment.