Nobody Else
Nobody else
Aliases: Somebody, Anyone (?) (according to the notes)
Sumamry: Maybe discovered another ME in another destroyed
world. Or not me, but someone LIKE me.
Threat: Unknown. Need more research to find out if I, personnaly,
is a danger.
Interest: When traveling in a parallel desert world (cannot
remember which one), which underwent a complete destruction
(atomic, starvation, pollution ?), found my old house. Don't
know why I've been there, neither recall going there.
There was ME. MY corpse. The only body left.
And MY diaries.
Were exactly the same as mine. But it changed when this parallel
world got anihilated. Writing shows that I became wild after that.
Was I responsible for this misery? Or did I try to prevent it ? Or did
I just watch ? It is never clearly written, even for me.
Am I Could I become a threat ?
What is sure is that I survived this.
Note : This DOES exist, means that I am NOT alone.
Will have to go on a trip soon to find out who and where
are the others.