Noodle_Monkey First SCP Draft #1

Item #: SCP-3324
Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3324 is contained in a 4 by 4 meter sound-proof cell in the Research sector of Site-19. SCP-3324 is to be dusted, tuned, and played every week by Foundation staff with a Level 3 security clearance or higher. Staff with Level 3 security are to have Class A Amnestics administered after exiting SCP-3324’s cell.

If SCP-3324 leaves it’s cell, on-site-staff are to start expressing to others concern about SCP-3324’s departure.Once SCP-3324 returns a group of at least 3 staff are to enter SCP-3324’s cell and spend at least 45 minutes with SCP-3324 while on-site researchers monitor, and administer amnestics after the interaction.

Note: SCP-3324 seems to respond and return within 10 minutes if more than 30 staff members express concern of SCP-3324

Description: SCP-3324 is a petite grand piano at a height of 1.37 meters tall. SCP-3324 weighs in at a total of 227.6 kilograms. The age of SCP-3324 is speculated to be around [REDACTED] years old and is in pristine condition, showing no signs of aging; SCP-3324 does require dusting and tuning every week to prevent SCP-3324 from leaving Site-19.

SCP-3324 was recovered in Germany from an abandoned 19th-century home outside the ghost town of ██████ after a group of urban explorers reported an “haunted piano” to local authorities. Once authorities confirmed the reports the Foundation secured SCP-3324.

SCP-3324’s anomalous effect was enhancing an individuals musical talents to the highest degree. Once sitting in front of SCP-3324 subjects are able to play the most advanced piano pieces ever written. When the subject first starts interacting with SCP-3324’s keys within 20 seconds the individual starts playing classical music, such instances have been Rhapsody in Blue, Flight of the Bumblebee, Pomp and Circumstance, and a multitude of other songs. Even subjects with no musical background have been able to play songs they have never even heard of(See Addendum-01).

While the subject plays SCP-3324 dopamine levels in individuals within a 50 meter radius increase by 3000%. Individuals affected will begin to gather around SCP-3324 and act in a friendly and cordial manner to others. After SCP-3324 has stopped being played everyone affected will remain docile for around 77 hours. Even after 77 hours individuals affected will have friendly relations with one another.

Interviews after tests reveal that subjects felt like they had just met with “an old friend.” Further testing is required to determine each subjects individual experience.

Once the subject has ceased interaction with SCP-3324 they still retain their new musical abilities. This has led to multiple D-Class and Foundation Staff singing or creating a pleasing musical rhythm at random intervals during the day. All classes of amnestics have no effect on the individual's ability to perform.

Another one of SCP-3324’s anomalous properties is teleportation; SCP-3324 can teleport wherever it wishes after playing 3 musical pieces. The largest recorded distance being █████ kilometers. SCP-3324, after teleporting, would return to its within 5 to 7 hours. However there has been one instance of SCP-3324 being gone for more than 3 days. In interviews SCP-3324 has not answered any questions pertaining to where it was for those 3 days.

SCP-3324 can play itself and does so when it wishes to communicate with others. Subjects who SCP-3324 communicates with seem to understand what SCP-3324 is saying. During communication SCP-3324 makes individuals “calm” for an extended amount of time. Those suffering with high-blood pressure and cholesterol have been completely cured when exposed to SCP-3324.
Note: Staff members who have high-blood pressure or are feeling stressed or depressed are to report to Dr. ███ for permission to meet SCP-3324.

Interviews with subjects, whether they have been staff, D-Class, and civilians have all said how they don’t hear any words but that they “just understand it.” Many individuals who have spent prolonged periods of time with SCP-3324 described 3324 as, “a lost old soul.” As Dr. ██████ said.

SCP-3324 has even shown instances to communicate with and pacify other SCPs(See Addendum-03). Due to this new discovery Dr. ███ requested further testing of SCP-3324’s anomalous effect on SCP-███, SCP-███, SCP-███, SCP-173, and SCP-682. Request was approved by O5 Council.

Addendum-01: [D-9783 is a 32-year old Caucasian male of an athletic build with no musical background. D-9783 is considered one of the most experienced D-Class in Site-and has been through multiple tests without incident]

Dr. ███: D-9783, please enter SCP-3324’s cell.
D-9783: Yeah, yeah, I heard you.

D-9783 rolls his shoulders as SCP-3324’s cell door opens. D-9783 then enters cell.

D-9783: So this[pause] piano is the SCP thing?
Dr. ███: Yes, SCP-3324 is the piano.
D-9783: I’m guessing that you’re going to make me go to it right?
Dr. ███:Yes, please approach 3324.

D-9783 slowly approaches SCP-3324 and then pauses in front of SCP-3324.

D-9783: I know that you eggheads don’t tell us much about these things but the fact that you haven’t told me anything is concerning.
Dr. ███:It’s anomalous properties have not been properly recorded, we’re as much in the dark as you are. Please, sit down in front of SCP-3324 and start to play.

D-9783 hesitates for 4 seconds and then attempts to sit down in front of SCP-3324. SCP-3324 then starts to play a simple unidentified tune. D-9783 recoils back from SCP-3324 and runs to the cell door.

D-9783: [panicked yelling] Jesus Christ!
Dr. ███: D-9783, calm down. As far as we know SCP-3324 does not have harmful effects.
D-9783: [yelling] As far as you know?! Yeah, like that’s going to persuade me to -

D-9783 stops mid-sentence and then loosens his body and becomes calm.

D-9783:[calm tone] Sorry for yelling at you, I think you were right about this piano being able to hurt someone.[pause] All these tests just get so stressful. I don’t know a lick of music but I’ll try my best.

D-9783 sits down in front of SCP-3324 and starts to tap on the keys. After tapping multiple keys D-9783 starts to play Beethoven's Symphony No. 5.

Dr. ███: Fascinating[starts writing down notes]

D-9783 plays SCP-3324 for 1 hour. During that time D-9783 plays through almost all of Beethoven’s pieces. After 1 hour D-9783 got up and exited SCP-3324’s cell. D-9783 was examined after the test and dopamine levels were measured. After examination Dr. ███ interviewed D-9783.

Dr. ███: What was going through your mind as you were playing SCP-3220?
D-9783: [laughs] When I started playing him-[interrupted]
Dr. ███:[interrupting] Him? Do you mean SCP-3224?
D-9783: Yes.
Dr. ███:[Writing down notes] Please, continue.
D-9783: Anyway, when I was playing him I felt nothing at first, then after a while, I felt happy. Like everything in the world was perfect and no matter what everything will be ok.

Dr. ███ then puts his hand to in front of D-9783, signaling him to pause for a moment. Dr. ███ writes down more notes for a 5 seconds.

Dr. ███:What was it like to play the music?
D-9783: It was like I had always know to play music, like I had practiced for years. Imagine having a long moment of nostalgia that never existed.
Dr. ███: Did 3324 talk to you?
D-9783: Yes, it was talking to me throughout the whole thing. It was reminding me of all the memories that we had together. Even though that was the first time that I had played a musical instrument.
Dr. ███:Did it say anything else?
D-9783: [laughs]Yeah, it told me that I had “a bright future.” Whatever that means.
Dr. ███:Thank you, that will be all.

Log end.

Additional Information: During a containment breach at Site-19 MTF Gamma-4 “Old Reliables” (5 members) contained SCP-3324 and SCP-173 in the same cell together. Due to G4-3 [REDACTED]trapping G4-1 with SCP-173 and SCP-3324. G4-1 then ordered the rest of Gamma-4 to secure the facility. Gamma-4 then broke line of sight with SCP-173. G4-1 was stuck in the cell for over 8 hours with SCP-173. The remaining Gamma-4 members returned to cell after the containment breach to retrieve SCP-3324 and G4-1 body but discovered that G4-1 was still alive. Dr. ███ interviewed G4-1.

Addendum-02: [G4-1 is a 37-year old African American male of an athletic build, G4-1 joined the US military at age 19 and joined the Foundation. G4-1 is the current commander of Gamma-4 and has over a decade of experience with containment breaches and retrieval missions.]

Audio Log begins

G4-1: Where should I start?
Dr. ███: Start right before you were contained with SCP-173 and 3324.
G4-1: We were leading 173 to a cell in order to properly contain him. Three went to the cell doors and opened them up. The rest of the team was leading 173 to the cell. Soon as we got the statue into the cell one by one two, four, and five left the cell, I was the last one and the cell door started to close due to the security check not being answered.
Dr. ███:Why wasn’t the security check not answered?
G4-1: Three was maintaining line of sight with 173 from the cell’s control room. He wasn’t thinking about the[interrupted]
Dr. ███:All of you should’ve know about the the door security check, especially you and G4-3 having been in multiple containment breaches.
G4-1: [Angry tone]Are you suggesting that three was trying to get me killed?
Dr. ███:Either that or G4-3 needs to be reevaluated as a member of Gamma-[interrupted]

The table which Dr. ███ and G4-1 are sitting at can be heard being flipped over by G4-1. Audio recorder is damaged and some bits of audio cannot be heard.

Dr. ███:[Raised tone]Please G-[unintelligible] down!
G4-1: [yelling]I served-[unintelligible] with him! There is no way that he- [unintelligible] there is no way!

Audio Log ends.

Interview was postponed and rescheduled a week later and Dr. ███ was replaced with Dr. Yung as the interviewer.

Audio Log begins.

Dr. Yung: Let’s pick up after the cell doors closed.
G4-1: After the door closed the rest of the team went up to the control room, Two said that they would get the doors open by any means. I however ordered them to secure the rest of the facility.
Dr. Yung: What happened after they left?
G4-1: I avoided 173 for a couple minutes but there was this feeling that it was just[pause] toying with me. It knew that I was trapped with it was taking it’s time with me. After a couple minutes of avoiding 173 it trapped me in a corner. After that, I guess I relieved all of my memories, but some of them I didn’t remember, I only played percussion in elementary band, I then also realized that I was playing 3324. I was playing I didn’t really care that I was going to die, then when I finally snapped out of the moment and realized that I was being dragged out of the cell by my squad. I don’t remember much after that.
Dr. Yung: What are your relationship with 173 after the incident?
G4-1: We’re good friends. We now understand each other now.
Dr. Yung: Can you go into specific details?
G4-1:[pauses][DATA EXPUNGED]
Dr. Yung: Thank you, that will be all.

Audio Log ends.

Note: SCP-3324 is could prove to be an invaluable asset if tests prove fruitful. I highly recommend that the O5 Council keeps it’s eye on this one.