Not Noodles


Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The object is to be kept in a 10 X 10 meter room made of stainless steel. The room is to be filled with horticultural wildlife expected of a regular seasonal summer plain. The chamber is to be watered regularly in accordance to typical precipitation standards of the northern hemisphere through a sprinkler system, under no condition should a human subject enter the containment chamber to water the wildlife inside. Furthermore, the entrance to the chamber contains an air-lock mechanism, with two doors enclosing a 15 meter hallway to guarantee safety from the effects of the specimen. The chamber’s oxygen supply is to be regulated through photosynthesis of the horticulture inside the chamber itself, no ventilation system is allowed anywhere near the chamber. The entrance is only to be accessed by personnel with level 3 clearance or higher. Other insects are not allowed within the chamber in fear of allowing the specimen to fornicate.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an insect sharing the physical appearance of the Coccinellidae or the commonly known ladybug, the only key difference in appearance being the absence of the “dots” on the object itself. The species was recovered inside a forest in Ireland after multiple reports were filed as subjects exposed to the insect would begin to hear constant buzzing, unless they are located at least 10 meters away from the specimen. The wings of the specimen are fully transparent.

The creature is not aggressive in nature and does not attempt to escape its containment unless the wildlife around it is not properly maintained; if this is the case, the specimen enters a state of “depression”, entering dormancy and waiting around the entrance of the chamber to attempt an escape. In this state of dormancy, a loud buzzing can be heard within the air-lock doors, this buzzing however does not result in the same effects to be expected from the specimen. It is currently presumed that this buzzing is to lure the personnel to open its containment chamber.

If the subject remains in the presence of the species, they begin to feel certain movement stimuli within the skin of arms and legs, while some reports even describe movement within their ear canal. The subject would then begin to attempt to suppress the stimuli by attempting to remove the source of the sensation through the forceful entry into the skin or canal, some subjects would enter a state of insanity, yelling incoherently. All subjects exposed to the Coccinellidae were unable to remove the sensation and depending on the time exposed to the specimen would suffer death, trauma or severe loss of nerve cells. The source of the stimuli has been found to be [DATA EXPUNGED] and the effects are currently unable to be bypassed unless not in the presence of the object.

Testing Logs:

Item: D-2591
Procedure: The subject entered the containment chamber of SCP-XXXX with a blindfold concealing both eyes fully. The subject was not informed of the presence or the effects of SCP-XXXX.

Results: Once the subject had been locked inside the chamber for 10 minutes it began to immediately scream about insects crawling on the inside of his skin. Next, it began to claw at its ear until the subject began to suffer massive blood loss, the subject was escorted out of the containment chamber and further observed for scientific study. The subject reported the feeling of bugs crawling within its ear canal, further calling the feeling “insufferable” and that the pain of the rupture did not bother him at all as long as it would remove the stimulus. The subject lost the ability to hear with his right ear.

Notes: The specimen must not be able to affect the subject with pure visual confirmation of its presence; further testing is to be conducted on the specimen to find the cause of the effects. The subject D-2591 is to be further observed for another 48 hours before being released for additional testing. The subject is not permitted to conduct further testing on the insect.

Item: D-8532
Procedure: The subject was carried into the containment chamber, multiple restraints were put onto the subject, restricting its movements. The personnel that escorted the subject left the containment chamber. The subject was told to simply observe the wildlife and attempt to distract itself. After 13 minutes the subject began screaming at the door asking to be let out, claiming multiple insects resembling the specimen were tearing open parts of the skin of the subject and nesting inside. After 30 minutes the subject began to lose its voice claiming the bugs were crawling into various crevasses of the human body such as the nostrils, ear canals and mouth. After an hour the subject was escorted outside of the containment chamber and observed for scientific study.

Results: The subject was unable to speak about anything but the specimen, and was perfectly able to describe the insect to an illustrator. Once the subject was released from scientific custody it refused to take orders from the personnel for further testing. The subject was terminated.