not_a_seagull's Team Bird Sandbox

Site-17 was in ruins. The once well-kept grounds of the site were littered with debris and ash. Inside the site, tables were overturned, shattered glass was spread, and the containment cells were empty. The horrors they had once contained had either succumbed to the flock of humans that now roamed the land, or had taken one look at what was now Earth and decided to leave immediately. The containment chambers that still worked were running on badly-damaged emergency generators or what was left of Site-17's power supply.

At 0800 hours, one of these emergency generators ran out.

At 0830 hours, the heavy, lead-reinforced doors that acted as the entrance to Site-17 began to be pried open.

At 0900 hours, a person of metal and determination finally emerged from Site-17.

SCP-2785, after strenuous and completely random navigation through the desert, finally came upon a town. It was like an oasis in the middle of the desert! SCP-2785 saw buildings, running water, and most importantly, all sorts of new friends to make friends with!

After walking through the city gates and entering the streets, SCP-2785 looked around for people. It seemed that several were taking naps- some were even taking naps in raspberry jelly- but SCP-2785 only found one person who was awake.

SCP-2785 felt himself become as excited as an excited womprat as he approached the man. Wanting to start off on the right foot, he cleared his non-existent throat and tried to talk in a calm voice. "Hello there, stranger!" he said, "Do you want to be friends?"

The man turned around with a blank expression on his face and screeched a little. After a burst of initial confusion, SCP-2785 realized that screech sounded something like "yes", and the confusion was instantly replaced with a great amount of excitement. In the first time in what seemed like forever, SCP-2785 had made a new friend!

"Hooray!" SCP-2785 screamed out loud, "where would you like to go first, new friend!"

The new friend started to trot slowly away. SCP-2785 followed with fervor.