House of the Sun

Item #: SCP-3749


Object Class: Safe1

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3749-1 is self contained within SCP-3749-2. A required 100 m perimeter around SCP-3749 is to be maintained to prevent civilian exposure.

Description: SCP-3749 consists of two objects: SCP-3749-1 and SCP-3749-2.

SCP-3749-1 is an amorphous entity that most often appears as a spherical distortion of heat. Before attacking its victims, it combusts into a mass of sparks for a brief moment before its main anomalous properties take effect. A Mr. █████████ is the only known victim2 to have survived being targeted by SCP-3749-1. He reports the experience to be like “walking on the sun for a thousand years surrounded by a bright light.” The reason for Mr. █████████’s survival is yet unknown and further testing is required. Victims of SCP-3749 are immediately placed into a fixed position as if in a taxidermied state and are reported to die immediately after contact. This conflicts with the testimony of Mr. █████████ but several tests have determined that Mr. █████████'s testimony was told in honest. After killing its victim, SCP-3749-1 will transport to another room within SCP-3749-2 at a speed of 5-10 km/hr. SCP-3749-1 has been recorded to kill a maximum of one victim per room but will return to any room should any inhabitants of SCP-3749-2 remain.3

SCP-3749-2 is a Cape Cod style house residing in █████████, Wisconsin. Subjects found within 50m of SCP 3749 undergo a rapid decrease in body temperature and seek warmth in SCP 3749-2. All subjects who enter SCP 3749-2 are trapped inside. No currently known methods of escape have been recorded. Each room is filled with several taxidermied animals ranging in size and type. The most notable of these include: a monkey, jackal, raven, and deer designated SCP- 3749 A-D respectively.4 Each have been reported to blink or exhale softly as someone walks by. The SCP-3749 A and B have been reported to move around as if alive.5 Once someone enters SCP-3749-2, every door and window are immediately locked and lights are extinguished, providing zero means of escape. Gunfire and explosives have proven ineffective in destroying SCP-3749-2 from both the inside and outside of the premises. Despite having no discernable source, a soft yellow ambient glow resonates within SCP-3749-2. Further testing is required to determine how this is possible.

Mr. █████████ refuses to willingly enter SCP-3749 but seems to enter a catatonic state when outside of the 50m range of SCP-3749. Mr. █████████ died on █████████, at the age of ██ years old. His body has been reported missing.
A fifth taxidermied animal (a tortoise) has appeared within SCP-3749-2 since June 7th, 2018. Security footage reports no unauthorized entry into SCP-3749.

Discovery: On █████████, 1998, Mr. █████████, Mrs. █████████,███████████████, █████████, and █████████ were reported missing for nearly a week when authorities discovered SCP-3749 and Mr. █████████ huddled outside, rocking back and forth muttering the words “Sun House, Moon Death” repeatedly. The Foundation soon quarantined the area after discovering this was the seventh event from the area. The other four victims were never found.