Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX instances are to be fully covered with black canvas secured to the ground using steel stakes. Each instance is to be checked daily for canvas damage and stake security. Two level 2 security personnel will be assigned to each SCP-XXXX instance. All roadways in Sherman County Texas are to be monitored for the appearance of additional SCP-XXXX instances.

"Dr. Clucks Fried Chicken" is to be closed off from public access by a chain link fence surrounding the building. Two level 3 security personnel are to secure the site while maintaining a cover story that the building is under construction indefinitely. Any civilian attempting to enter "Dr. Cluck's Fried Chicken" is to be detained for questioning. Any person showing symptoms of SCP-XXXX's effect are to be immediately detained and administered class-A anmestics.

Description: SCP-XXXX refers to a collection of seven billboards meeting the poster classification located in Sherman County, Texas. All SCP-XXXX instances are identical to one another, with the only deviation between them being the image displayed on a specific instance. SCP-XXXX instances are located on low to medium traffic roads leading into and out of Stratford, Texas. All SCP-XXXX instances appeared on ██/██/████ between 01:00 and 04:00 in the morning1. Each SCP-XXXX instance is locked in its origin position by an anomalous force generated by unknown means. The force generated by an SCP-XXXX instance is always exactly equal to and in the opposite direction of any force applied to the object. This results in a net force of zero to be applied on the instance, causing all attempts made at damaging or moving an SCP-XXXX instance to be unsuccessful2.

Each SCP-XXXX instance displays a unique Class-III cognitohazardous image. Each image has a primary thought disrupting effect that all instances share, as well as a unique secondary effect that differs from instance to instance. The primary effect of SCP-XXXX activates when a person who has ten or more US dollars views the image on an SCP-XXXX instance3. Once the subject views the image they begin to develop intense compulsions to eat at "Dr. Cluck's Fried Chicken" and will continuously vocalise variations of the phrase "I love fried chicken". Subjects will then seek the fastest legal route to "Dr. Cluck's Fried Chicken" and attempt to enter the restaurant. If the restaurant is closed or inaccessible to the subject, the subject will stand in the closest safe spot to the restaurant and patiently wait until the restaurant is accessible to them. The subject will wait for any amount of time, and will not eat or drink anything unless they are able to order from the restaurant. The subject will not react to changes in its environment that are not immediately dangerous to it, and will only move if its current location is noticeably harmful to its wellbeing. Attempts to persuade the subject into moving will invariably fail, resulting in the reiterating its desire to consume chicken. Attempts to physically relocate the subject will cause the subject to become violent and abnormally aggressive until the attempt ceases.

Subjects who gain access to the restaurant will then place an order that will always exactly equal to the amount of cash the subject is currently carrying at the time4. If the order cannot be accepted by the restaurant due to insufficient stock or lack of time, the subject will reassure the cashier that this is fine and place an order that is exactly Ten (10) dollars in value. Subjects who receive their order will then exit the restaurant and immediately consume their purchase. Subjects will not stop eating until their entire meal is done, which has resulted in the expiration of █ subjects. Once the subject is finished eating they will return to whatever action was interrupted by SCP-XXXX. Subjects interviewed after eating have shown no distress about their sudden compulsion5, and will always make positive remarks when asked about "Dr. Clucks Fried Chicken". An SCP-XXXX instance can only inflict its effects on a person once, and subsequent viewings of the same instance will no longer trigger the effect.

Addendum XXXX.1: Recovery Log: SCP-XXXX was discovered █ hours after its initial appearance due to Foundation agents █████ and ███████ going missing on their routine night patrol of the Stratford city area. Due to their sudden radio silence and inability to maintain contact, a response force was assembled to ascertain the reason for the disappearance and retrieve the agents. Upon arrival at the agents cell phone coordinates, the response team found a small mob forming outside of "Dr. Clucks Fried Chicken" which the missing agents were a part of. After interviewing the agents and members of the mob, the behaviour displayed was determined to be anomalous and those affected were detained for questioning. Due to "Dr. Clucks Fried Chicken" appearing to be a focal point of the mob's behaviour, the restaurant was quickly seized by a Foundation front company and all of its employees detained. After interviewing members of the mob and the affected agents it was determined that the source of the anomalous behaviour was seven billboards near Stratford. The objects were designated SCP-XXXX and containment protocols were enacted ██ hours after object discovery. "Dr. Clucks Fried Chicken" was determined to be non anomalous on ██/██/████ after multiple tests on the locations Hume levels showed little to no variation from the "normal" Hume levels of its surrounding environment.

Employees of "Dr. Clucks Fried Chicken", their immediate family, and the restaurant's owner, ████ ███████, have shown no anomalous effects and were released on ██/██/████. Interviews with Mr. ███████ have shown that "Dr. Clucks Fried Chicken" has been experiencing low sales for the past 3 years, which led Mr. ███████ to contact ANADVERTS; an online firm specialising in "experimental and magical advertising". Ongoing attempts by the Foundation to contact or locate ANADVERTS has so far resulted in failure, leading to a pending GOI designation.

Addendum XXXX.2: Excerpts From Email Correspondence With ANADVERTS:

FROM: ████████████
SUBJECT: Advertisements for a fried chicken restaurant

Hello there I'm ████ ███████, owner of "Dr. Clucks Fried Chicken".
I heard about ANADVERTS from one of your promotional emails, and was wondering if your company could produce a viral add for "Dr. Clucks Fried Chicken". We here have an advertising budget of $█,███ and would love any one of your experimental adds too increase awareness about "Dr. Clucks Fried Chicken". We aren't exactly picky about what you make for us, as long as it gets people into our restaurant and is within our budget.
If you need to call me my number is ███ ███ ████, and our address is ███ █████ █████ ████.
Have a great one!
████ ███████

TO: ████████████
SUBJECT: RE: Advertisements for a fried chicken restaurant

Ye man, i think i got just the adds 4 u

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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-XXXX are to be housed within the Jefferson-Miller mine in Greenwood, South Dakota. Foundation activity within the area is to be obfuscated with a cover story pertaining to archaeological research within the mine.

SCP-XXXX instances will each be provided with one (1) standard television with access to foundation curated media, one (1) non-networked computer capable of running ACAT7, and two (2) sensors attached to major muscle groups to allow SCP-XXXX instances to use the aforementioned technology. SCP-XXXX instances are to undergo a standard psychological evaluation annually.

SCP-XXXX-12's remains are to be kept within a standard anomalous materials freezer at site 19 for study. Access to SCP-XXXX-12's remains requires both level 3 clearance and written permission from the current head of SCP-XXXX containment. Standard biohazard containment suits are to be worn when studying the remains, and under no circumstances are researchers to make direct skin contact with the remains.



a wasp that burrows into your skin, eats your bone and replaces it with its hive. exits your body through places with closets contact with your bone and skin layer. wasps produce white blood cells normal to the human host.

a foundation or other sufficiently advanced GOI like prometheus labs or something made AI that transforms the air around it into processing space and ram. uses some form of anomalous matter manipulation to do this. doesn;t change the actual composition of the matter to achieve this, uses the matters position to store data, kinda like dna. kills living organisms near it as a result of this reordering. made originally to be a super computer that works without expensive wiring and operates without requiring additional resources put in. hard coded not the rewrite anything "human made". can alter matter on the quantum level, does not do this often because it requires stupid amounts of energy. the AI eventually either finds or creates a portal to another dimension and is either in the process of converting or has converted the entire dimension into storage space, killing everything inside and becoming the largest storage space in the known universe. works faster than any known computer due to its ability to retrieve date faster than light, but runs on an AI code written in the 70's so it's not very efficient. foundation are mainly worried about stopping its spread in our universe and stopping it from spreading in the other dimension. also when i say all of the that dimension i mean all of it, every single piece of matter in that universe. doesn't actually destroy planets, it just kills life because its rewrites dna and makes proteins stop functioning properly. it does not destroy, just reposition and rewrite, which is what makes it so dangerous to life.

a person whos way to good at sleight of hand. poor them. on foundation watch list. tricks a GOI or something, that would be fun.

just a guy that completely absorbs all light and sound that touches it.

a project in the foundation either wiring every foundation agents mind together or just making an entity capable of intaking information about every in the world, including antimemes and other such hazards.

a big ol fucking computer made by the egyptians that uses like marbles to work or something. has an AI that works really well but really reeeeaaaaaaaallllllly slow.

a stream that of someone who doesn't exist and its just them fucking around making good post and what not.

an scp that literally does something to sound waves with sound waves, either perfectly canceling noise in an area or just fucking with people by editing what other people say around them to nasty shit. maybe this can become the bait and switch siivagunner thing. audio files played near this object are automatically edited in humours ways.