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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-XXXX are to be housed within the Jefferson-Miller mine in Greenwood, South Dakota. Foundation activity within the area is to be obfuscated with a cover story pertaining to archaeological research within the mine.

SCP-XXXX instances will each be provided with one (1) standard television with access to foundation curated media, one (1) non-networked computer capable of running ACAT1, and two (2) sensors attached to major muscle groups to allow SCP-XXXX instances to use the aforementioned technology. SCP-XXXX instances are to undergo a standard psychological evaluation annually.

SCP-XXXX-12's remains are to be kept within a standard anomalous materials freezer at site 19 for study. Access to SCP-XXXX-12's remains requires both level 3 clearance and written permission from the current head of SCP-XXXX containment. Standard biohazard containment suits are to be worn when studying the remains, and under no circumstances are researchers to make direct skin contact with the remains.



a foundation or other sufficiently advanced GOI like prometheus labs or something made AI that transforms the air around it into processing space and ram. uses some form of anomalous matter manipulation to do this. doesn;t change the actual composition of the matter to achieve this, uses the matters position to store data, kinda like dna. kills living organisms near it as a result of this reordering. made originally to be a super computer that works without expensive wiring and operates without requiring additional resources put in. hard coded not the rewrite anything "human made". can alter matter on the quantum level, does not do this often because it requires stupid amounts of energy. the AI eventually either finds or creates a portal to another dimension and is either in the process of converting or has converted the entire dimension into storage space, killing everything inside and becoming the largest storage space in the known universe. works faster than any known computer due to its ability to retrieve date faster than light, but runs on an AI code written in the 70's so it's not very efficient. foundation are mainly worried about stopping its spread in our universe and stopping it from spreading in the other dimension. also when i say all of the that dimension i mean all of it, every single piece of matter in that universe. doesn't actually destroy planets, it just kills life because its rewrites dna and makes proteins stop functioning properly. it does not destroy, just reposition and rewrite, which is what makes it so dangerous to life.

a person whos way to good at sleight of hand. poor them. on foundation watch list. tricks a GOI or something, that would be fun.

just a guy that completely absorbs all light and sound that touches it.

a project in the foundation either wiring every foundation agents mind together or just making an entity capable of intaking information about every in the world, including antimemes and other such hazards.

a big ol fucking computer made by the egyptians that uses like marbles to work or something. has an AI that works really well but really reeeeaaaaaaaallllllly slow.

a stream that of someone who doesn't exist and its just them fucking around making good post and what not.

an scp that literally does something to sound waves with sound waves, either perfectly canceling noise in an area or just fucking with people by editing what other people say around them to nasty shit. maybe this can become the bait and switch siivagunner thing. audio files played near this object are automatically edited in humours ways.

man that kills the past versions of people, either when their genetics are first constructed or at some other event. the main problem is making patterns that a reader could put together to mean that someone is killing thigns in the past. this is gonna be complex. perhaps the effect happens in humans and certain breeds of wild dogs who are more aggressive than most. ok i need to brainstorm patterns.

a fishing rod made of the night sky, interacts with water allowing you to catch celestial bodies like fish. maybe. i just really like the idea of a fishing rod of stars and the hook being a crescent moon.

a town or city infected by something similar to survivor. a spirit bacteria or god that makes an entire town fight to the death and love it, not the blood and violence, but the fight itself.

bacteria is an scp, and people infected by the bacteria a sub scp. in order to create an effective fighting force, anyone who directly kills someone infected by the bacteria will themselves be infected. infection is also spread through blood contact. the fighting force can be decreased by the infected killing each other, but it can never be reduced beyond one person, unless they die by natural causes. bacteria reshapes the brain, making those infected tactical geniuses with highly increased senses. the infection doesn't make you any stronger or faster though, so they can be disposed of easily.