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Item #: ARDF-1381
Title/Object Name: An introduction to MEYES

MEYES is an anomalous programming language created in 1991 by Jason A. Bowers. MEYES stands for Mind's Eyes, and was designed to be a tool for designing Artificial Intelligences. The complexity, or intelligence, of this AI is set by using the intel_level command. This command defines how much MEYES can self modify code. There are 10 levels one can set a MEYES program to, with each level listed in Addendum 1.

In order to make an AI, one only needs a preference file. However, the resulting AI won't be able to do anything. MEYES files specify what the AI should try and do, and tells the AI what tools it can and cannot use. Preference files on the other hand tell the AI how it should act and appear. These files cannot be edited by the AI, and as such can be used to set constants such as likes and dislikes. However, it should be noted that feelings should not be treated as constants.

A list of the basic syntax preference files use as well as their restrictions are listed in Addendum 2.

In order to demonstrate MEYES' functionality, there is a terminal below with the script seen in Addendum 3. Due to security reasons, this terminal can only be set to an intelligence level less than or equal to 7.

Addendum 1:

Addendum 2:

Addendum 3: