Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept at Site-76, in a cool, dry standard containment locker. To prevent wear of SCP-XXXX, keep it in a standard pyrex glass box with a removable lid. If exposed to dampness or warmth, SCP-XXXX will begin to deteriorate and dew. To prevent damaging of SCP-XXXX by Animalia Arthropoda Insecta Lepidoptera, lavender must be kept in the glass box with SCP-XXXX. To be kept clean, SCP-XXXX must undergo cleanings by the provided horsehair brush 3 days a week.

Description:SCP-XXXX is the bowler hat formerly belonging to Charlie Chaplin, a silent film creator and actor through out the 1900’s. Anamolous properties of SCP-XXXX first came to attention by the foundation in 1914, when Chaplin’s most well known character, “Little Tramp”, first appeared on-screen. The wearer of SCP-XXXX seems to permanently become a comedic, silent film character whilst in contact with SCP-XXXX. The character the wearer becomes seems to be completely unique to the person (See Test-A1). Though the affects seem to have no long-lasting effects after SCP-XXXX is removed, short term effects include [DATA EXPUNGED]. Testing is best on subjects ages 10-40, as their senses are at their height. Testing on subjects younger than age 10 seems to have no effect, and on subjects older than 40, there are long lasting effects of the character portrayed. No pyschological damage seems to occur with removal of SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX was recovered from an auction in [DATA EXPUNGED] during the year ████. Any wearer of SCP-XXXX is to be referred to as SCP-XXXX-01.

_**Test A - Date: ██/██/████

Subject: A caucasian male of 16. Average height and build, healthy. (SCP-XXXX-01)
Procedure: SCP-XXXX-01 places SCP-XXXX on top of head, begins to quiver and falls to ground. After 10 seconds of inactivity, Subject-A stands up and begins to tap dance. This continues with no signs of exhaustion for 4 minutes. Subject-A begins displaying dramaticized facial expressions and body language.
Results: To researchers viewing the effects of SCP-XXXX, reports of "strong emotions" that were being portrayed by Subject-A (If SCP-XXXX-01 is showing anger, the observer suddenly felt anger). Extent of these emotions is unknown.
**Analysis: SCP-XXXX seems to not only affect the wearer, but others observing the wearer.

Interviewed: SCP-XXXX-01, former wearer of SCP-XXXX (see Test 1)

Interviewer: Doctor ██████, henceforth referred to as In

Foreword: Discussion with former wearer of SCP-XXXX-01 about potential amnesia or "black out" during use of SCP-XXXX. Discuss potential emotional distress and affects on others.

<Begin Log, [optional time info]>

Interviewer: Let's begin. State your name,

Person: [speech]

[Repeat as necessary]

<End Log, [optional time info]>