Item #: SCP-

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP- is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber (3x3m) with the following changes:

  • Floor lighting should be installed in the outer rim of cell floor, so that it illuminates containment chamber walls at all times. But not the floor or centre of the chamber.
  • Two guards equipped with night vision goggles on standby, should be present outside of the chamber.
  • Any firearms used by guards and Agents should be equipped with glow slights, and flash hiders. See: Addendum- -1
  • SCP- should be fed standard meals from on site cafeteria twice daily.

SCP- is a photophobic humanoid entity that only manifests under the low lit conditions of 10 lumens, or less. Due to such conditions is it hard to determine and specific details of SCP- appearance, (even when observed in night vision). SCP- is however known to represent a mid to late-twenties female with long hair, due to observations of it’s silhouette, when present in front of a illuminated surface. When illuminated SCP- “vanishes” to all ranges of the visible light spectrum.
SCP- came into the attention of the foundation when a nearby agent became aware of 17 20 22 violent murders in the local area. Including the murders of local law enforcement who responded to previous victims. On the outskirts of the city of ████████, USA.
Abnormal properties of SCP- were discovered after a curfew was put in place, and reports of person breaking curfew disappearing when chase with flashlights.
Agent reported back to the foundation, at the request for more personnel to be dispatched. At which SCP- was lured into mobile containment by d-class.
When illuminated above 10 lumens, SCP- “vanishes” and becomes invisible were it cannot interact with any physical material, biological or not. However SCP- still is “present” even when not visible as when illuminated above 10 lumens for set periods of time, it will reappear in a different location, but only if it’s possible to reach by normal means.

DNA records recovered from injuries sustained to SCP- (see Addendum- -1), were matched with records of woman, Erika Kaiten. Who was found dead in her apartment 3km from SCP- ‘s location of discovery. Note that it is presumed she committed suicide in the dark. Erika had recently been through multiple break ups with lovers. It was also discovered that from her closest friend, “she had very few friends, often seeming distant and feeling invisible.”

When SCP- initially manifests, it is considered hostile, and will proceed to attack any nearby people without discrimination. SCP- remains in this hostile state, unless restrained by physical means, becoming “passive”.

Addendum- -1:
SCP- triggered a containment breach on 27/07/██ when Agent Roberts was assaulted on delivery of food to SCP- cell at 1400 hours. After the attack guards immediately entered the cell, firing upon SCP- . However lack of flash hiders equipped on firearms, led to muzzle flashes illuminating SCP- above 10 lumens and thus the bullets couldn’t interact with it. At 1401 hours, 3 on site personnel were recorded dead after sustaining multiple lacerations and ██████. Shortly following a minor power outage turned off all lights in the immediate hallway outside SCP- cell. Agent Williams, who was at the end of the corridor immediately initiated lockdown of the area ██ on site ██. Preventing further loss of on site personnel, and giving time for MTF with equipped flash hiders to arrive and injur SCP- so it was incapacitated, and taken back to it’s cell.