Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3XXX is to be contained in a high priority biohazard containment unit, consisting of climate controlled humidity and temperature at Site ██. Relative humidity is not to rise above .05%. If any of the five dehumidifiers are disabled, they are to be replaced immediately. Any testing involving SCP-3XXX should be conducted within self-contained labs, and any unintentional infections should be immediately terminated.

All traffic into and out of the town of ██████████ should be stopped at highway checkpoints at least ten kilometers from the city limits under the cover of a military base. Civilians are expendable if needed. A five kilometer border is to be established around the town with a constant patrol. Expeditions should be conducted into the kill zone semimonthly in order to search and clear any instances of SCP-3XXX.

Description: SCP-3XXX is a infectious crystalline structure of unknown origin and chemical composition. SCP-3XXX is most commonly observed as a large, thin, black crystal 30-45 centimeters in length. Pure samples of SCP-3XXX have a hardness comparable to diamond. Light emanates from within the crystal, color depending on the liquid or substance SCP-3XXX grows from. Color has been observed to range from anywhere within the visible spectrum. SCP-3XXX grows at a rate of 1 centimeter every 10 hours under ideal circumstances, and crystals exceeding the length of 100 centimeters begin to flake microscopic crystals of SCP-3XXX. Instances are able to travel via air flow and wind.

When SCP-3XXX is introduced to a liquid, it begins to absorb and use the moisture to grow. This effect is heightened when inside a living organism. Microscopic crystals burrow into skin and flesh when in contact with organic matter. This results in a minor rash that can easily be overlooked. As the substance spreads through the bloodstream, it continues to grow and embed itself in blood vessels and high blood flow organs such as the lungs and kidneys. This causes bloody coughs and urine, and extreme irritation and pain. Crystals continue to grow until puncturing through tissue and into the body. Mucous membranes are punctured, causing excessive bleeding from the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, anus, and urethra.

Subjects infected with SCP-3XXX will seek out dark, damp places and subsequently die in selected locations. Crystals will begin to protrude from the body and flake, spreading throughout the building or ecosystem. Approximately ten days after death, the body will begin have completely converted to crystal. Reanimation of the brain and muscular systems will begin and begin to seek out the nearest source of liquid; these entities are further known as SCP-3XXX-1.

Instances of SCP-3XXX-1 are extremely durable, yet very slow and clumsy in movement. SCP-3XXX-1 specimens are only able to hear, and use echolocation. Their range has been measured to be effective within 20 meters, with a sharp decrease in precision further than that. Autopsy of SCP-3XXX-1 specimens show no internal organs, except for a rudimentary nervous system, comprised of a brain and spinal cord. If damaged, SCP-3XXX-1 will cease animation, but will continue to grow if presented with moisture.

SCP-3XXX was originally discovered in the town of ██████████ on █/█/20██. First responders investigated a small meteorite that had impacted into the home of █████████. The meteorite was described as a large black mass of crystals approximately 1 meter in diameter and 3 meters tall. A dull red light pulsated from within the meteorite and radiated at a constant heat of 80 C°. The following is a log from an officer's hidden camera.

Two officers enter the home. The meteorite is at rest in a crater 1 meter deep in the middle of the living room.

Officer Flake: Jesus, that thing’s huge.

Officer Reynolds: Poor bastards probably died before they knew what hit them. How are suppose to move this thing?

Officer Flake reaches out to touch the object, but retracts just before contact.

Flake: Fuck, this thing's hot as hell.

Reynolds: Well no shit, it fell from space.

The meteorite begins to pulsate a deep red.

Reynolds: Hold on, it's doing something.

Flake: You think it's, like, an alien, or something?

Reynolds: Nah, nah, of course not. Why is it red?

Flake: I say we get out of here before something bad happens.

Reynolds: We can't just leave it here.

The meteorite proceeds to shatter into several dozen pieces of varying sizes. Dust is visibly obscuring the camera and fills the air. Both officers begin to cough violently as they inhale the crystal dust.

Flake: Shit, let's get out of here!

Both officers leave the building and camera feed is cut.

Both officers were admitted to the local hospital after they began to cough up blood minutes after leaving the residency. They began a rapid transformation into SCP-3XXX-1 due to the large amount of SCP-3XXX inhaled. The Foundation was alerted to the event and took control of the quarantine operations. Class C amnesiacs were administered to several citizens and the meteorite fragments was transported to Site ██ for research.

█ days after first contact, the Foundation began quarantine of the town due to the concerns of the two officers’ symptoms. Substantial effort was made to isolate and understand the anomaly, but SCP-3XXX proved extremely effective at transmission and infection. Unfortunately, due to limited information, Foundation personnel were unable to properly contain the outbreak, resulting in a widespread infection of the town. Several quarantine attempts were made, but none were successful in maintaining civil stability.

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