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A photo taken in 19██ of SCP-3596 closely observing a flower, the whereabouts of the photographer are currently unknown.

Item #: SCP-3596

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3596 must be secured in a 16 x 16 container with a table and chair at the center. SCP-3596 must only be accompanied by 2 armed guards faced behind it and must only be interviewed by Doctor ██████. The room must be pitch black and SCP-3596's face must be covered at all times. SCP-3596 must be monitored by security cameras at all times, any suspicious behavior will result in the guards sedating SCP-3596.

SCP-3596 appears to be a 2.4 m tall humanoid bearing a perfectly circular mirror on its face composed of an unknown type of material. It appears to be wearing a cloak approximately 2.2 millimeters in width, also composed of an unknown material. X-Rays have shown that beneath SCP-3596's clothing appears to be a luminous iridescent gas with no skeleton despite its humanoid appearance. SCP-3596 makes no attempts whatsoever to leave its cell, and is never seen leaving the chair.

SCP-3596 is fully capable of speaking English and will occasionally look around its cell and comment on it every so often with no specific pattern. SCP-3596 also carries around a notebook with an unknown amount of pages and will proceed to attack an individual (always by suffocation) if they attempt to read or take the notebook. If a sentient life form of any species stares directly into the mirror they sit paralyzed while SCP-3596 writes down all of the information about the individual in its notebook, once it is done the victim will sit brain-dead and paralyzed with all of their information and memories stripped from them and stored in SCP-3596's notebook. It is unknown how much information is contained in the notebook.