Item #: SCP-0002-2-J

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-0002-2-J doesn't need to be kept in anyplace special. All it needs is an enclosed space with the lights on (when used).

Description SCP-0002-2-J is an average toilet. It is related to and looks highly alike SCP-0002-J. SCP-0002-2-J has no physical problems besides it's black handle. Nobody has found the real reason why the handle looks this way, but there are some theories.


SCP-0002-2-J has special needs when you use it. If you use it with the door closed and the lights off it will ████ ███. This has happened twice. on █-██-19██ and █-█-20██. With the right equipment and other items, SCP-0002-2-J might become safe. Things have been happening through 8-12-2018 to 1-9-2019. Recently SCP-0002-2-J has been making lots of noises and has almost ██████ somebody on ██-█-20██. SCP-0002-2-J now has to be watched. Rumors have been spread around that pestilence has been spread by using SCP-0002-2-J without flushing. SCP-049 has confirmed this. SCP-049 has reportedly ██████ 15 D-Class personnel after they used SCP-0002-J and SCP-0002-2-J.

Lots have personnel have become ████ after they used SCP-0002-2-J recently. SCP-0002-2-J will no longer be able to use by 1-20-2019.