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Item #: SCP-4858

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4858 and all instances of SCP-4858-1 and SCP-4858-2 are to be kept in a chilled, lead-lined chamber at a temperature of no more than 2°C. Those directly exposed to SCP-4858 or any of its created materials are subject to immediate psychiatric evaluation. Consumption of SCP-4858-1 or SCP-4858-2 is means for immediate termination and containment. Those terminated after consuming any byproducts of SCP-4858 are to be moved to Containment Cell ███-█, a larger chamber maintained under the aforementioned conditions.

Description: SCP-4858 is a rectangular stick of Kirkland Signature Salted Sweet Cream Butter1 weighing approximately 4 ounces. SCP-4858 displays anomalous regenerative properties; any segment of butter cut from SCP-4858 will regenerate in 2.4 seconds. All attempts to cease this regeneration have failed. Detached segments of SCP-4858 (hereby referred to as SCP-4858-1) adopt all the regenerative properties of SCP-4858, but cannot grow any larger than the size they were originally cut. If SCP-4858 is cut into multiple pieces, only the largest will regenerate.

Due to SCP-4858's regenerative properties, when exposed to a temperature level at or above 32-35°C (the normal melting point of butter) its main body remains unaffected, but perpetually produces liquid butter (hereby referred to as SCP-4858-2) without changing form. SCP-4858 produces SCP-4858-2 at a base rate of 3.7 mL/s, which appears to increase exponentially when exposed to continually higher heat values. No way to burn, destroy, or freeze SCP-4858-2 has been found - it always remains in liquid form.

Addendum 4858.0: Additional Information

Addendum 4858.1: Testing Logs

Addendum 4858.2: Restrictions
After the loss of the ██████████ Facility2 following Experiment ████-██, which measured an estimated SCP-4858-2 production rate of ███ liters per second, all further testing with SCP-4858 has been discontinued.