In division of the O5-Council the empty containment for SCP-3827 while the anomaly is still being investigated. There have been civilians spotting the anomaly but once they go around where it went and as fast it disappears. But for people that follow they still see it. It's a very big complain of it still not contained.

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Item#: SCP-3827

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3827 Must be in a containment cell in measure of 90x 90x the measurements are laid in inches. The anomaly has an unknown origin it's materials that the anomaly has no sequence of a material that is used to created the anomaly.

Description: SCP-3827 is a single black shadow and is not seen with any substance that let's vision see through the shadow.


The current image is exposing SCP-3827, the photographer is unknown but is believed that the photograph was taken in Washington, DC.
This strange anomaly was found in 1962. The first person to vanish and not to see ever come back was Torri Sanderson Edman, there has been no signs of sight in her for over 136 years until John Anderson Feodera has found Torri. DNA research to her has uncovered many things.

  1. You cannot age during invisibility.
  2. It takes you to another universe.

These facts are the only known facts researched so far. Were hoping for 7 years of good research or else the constant disappearing won't be uncovered soon.

This article has been published during 1973.