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The following file is Level 4/XXXX classified. Unauthorized access is forbidden.


Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid1

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxxx is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-19, and is not to come closer than 50 meters of any other SCPs in its direct line of sight or 5 meters universally.

SCP-XXXX is to be temporarily contained in an open cabin with two (2) armed guards guarding the entrance at all times, and is allowed to take walks in the garden outside. (Unless it voiolates the 6am - 9pm curfew)
No interaction with the neighbors is allowed unless under order of researcher staff with 4/XXXX clearance, or by order of Dr. ██████.

SCP-XXXX and SCP-xxxx-1 are to be contained in seperate cells, exept for research purposes performed by a level 4/XXXX clearance researcher.

Description: SCP-xxxx resembles a twelve year old humanoid male of scandinavian descent, approximately 1.6 meters tall.

Originally going by the name ████ █. ████, SCP-xxxx was discovered when it attacked an undercover field agent carrying a box of the newly contained Safe-class SCP-████, and proceeded to "fiercely rip the box to pieces, so it could destroy the entity within."

Through several tests, it has become apparent that SCP-xxxx and SCP-xxxx-1 remain largely unaffected by the anamolous properties and effects of other SCPs.
SCP-xxxx exhibit strongly aggressive behavior when in close proximity of other anomalous beings, proceeding to attack the entities.

SCP-XXXX also seem to posses a hightened sense of awareness, strength and agility, shown during Containment Breach ████, and an outstanding eye-to-hand coordination, as reported by guards ████ and ███████, after having attended sparring sessions with the entity.

Addendum 1: Future Containment
After careful consideration, SCP-xxxx has been moved to Site-██, where it is to be contained until the O5 council has made the decision regarding if SCP-xxxx is to change object class to thaumiel and if it is to be used as a countermeasure to dangerous Keter class SCPs is made.

The meeting where this is to be decided is currently set on hold.

Footage from security camera #19-███, dated ██. ██. 20██, 31 seconds post initial breach:


00:32 minutes post-breach: (The door to SCP-xxxx's chambers opens)
(SCP-XXXX is barely spotted standing up)

03:43 minutes post-breach: (Three (3) minutes pass in which SCP-XXXX remains docile, after which it wanders out of the open archway)

SCP-XXXX: Hello? What are you waiting for?

(No response)

(SCP-XXXX studies its surroundings for approximately 10 seconds)

04:01 minutes post-breach:


(SCP-XXXX appears to be in distress, turning its head quickly from either side like something is watching it.)

04:34 minutes post-breach: (SCP-XXXX returns to its cell, showing significant signs of fear.)

(Dr. ████ is faintly seen running past the camera, before tripping on their own feet, falling to the ground outside the view of the camera.)

Dr. ████: (Panting) Stop! I- (incomprehensible) to stop!

(SCP-████ enters the frame, approximately four (4) meters away from Dr. ████.)

04:59 minutes post-breach: (SCP-████ closes in on Dr. ████ with hostile intent, and raises ██ ███ to strike at him.)

05:03 minutes post-breach: (SCP-XXXX is heard growling outside of frame, before it is seen tackling SCP-████ to the ground, beating it with its (SCP-XXXX's) bare hands.)

SCP-XXXX: (While fighting) Die! (Untranslated, old norse)- Die!

05:14 minutes post-breach: (Dr. ████ gets back up on his feet whilst SCP-XXXX and SCP-████ are brawling, and uses the moment to escape out of frame, and into the hallway.)

05:16 minutes post-breach: (SCP-XXXX sits back up, victorious, whilst SCP-████ lies neutralized on the ground next to it. It then turns its head towards Dr. ████, who is running away at a slow pace.)

(SCP-XXXX keeps watching Dr. ████ until he rounds a corner, after which it gets up on its feet, and walks out of frame in the opposite direction.)


(SCP-XXXX was re-contained approximately 23:17 minutes after initial containment breach by a guard. No further damage was caused.)

Addendum 2: Requests
After being moved to Site-██, SCP-XXXX started to develop a more cooperative behavior towards staff, and has recently started to ask requests, such as (but not limited to):

Three (3) pencils and thirty (30) sheets of paper. (Granted)

A g███boy containing a copy of P█████n R██. (Granted)

1 sharpener knife. (Denied)

To be allowed to take walks in the garden outside its cell. (Granted)

To be allowed to interact with the neighbors. (Denied)

To be allowed to conduct fencing sessions with Dr. ██████. (Denied)

To be allowed to use the internet. (Denied)

To be allowed to conduct fencing lessons with guards once (1) a week. (Granted)

I know what I saw. it could have easily outun me and killed me, but for some reason, it didn't. It just… wandered off. It saved my life.

-Dr. ████