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Item #: SCP-3397

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3397 is to be kept, folded, in standard storage in site-24. No tests may be conducted on SCP-3397 without approval by Dr.████

Description: SCP-3397 is a men’s large black zippered hoodie, with two buttoned chest pockets left and right of the zipper.No brand name has been found on SCP-3397 to see who might have made it. SCP-3397's body is 55% cotton and 45%polyester, the body/hood lining is faux fur 100% polyester, and it's sleeve lining is 100% polyester. When a sentient humanoid creature wears SCP-3397 on their torso1 in a way they might wear a non-anomalous hoodie, said creature enters a catatonic state, and SCP-3397 will physically and/or mentally alter the subject in some way depending on the subjects past or present, and depending on what is in the right or left chest pocket. Approximately 1.5 minutes after the subject activates SCP-3397, a high-frequency wave is emitted from SCP-3397, canceling all attempted external scans on SCP-3397, and the subject using it.Things put in the left chest pocket alter the subject to their benefit, and things put in the right chest pocket alter the subject in usually lethal ways. Given there is nothing in the chest pockets, there is no way to predict how beneficial the alteration might be. After 1-24 hrs, the subject will wake up and take off SCP-3397 as quickly as possible2. SCP-3397 seems incapable of being damaged by the effects of the alterations it creates.

Addendum: A list of tests done on SCP-3397
Test 1

Subject:D-451875, white American male, sentenced to death from first-degree murder with on a family of 5, with a standard grade recursive crossbow.
Chest pockets:Empty
Time:3 hours
Results:Subject wakes up screaming, and moving their arms in a seemingly uncontrollable, and unpredictable manner. Subject expired in approximately 30 min from internal blood loss. Scans show that all the bones in D-451875’s arms were replaced with 55.8cm aluminum crossbow bolts.

Test 2

Subject:D-316847, Caucasian male with an aggressive disposition.
Chest pockets:Empty
Time:1 hour
Results:Subject doesn't wake up. Thermal scans indicate their blood had been super-heated to 158°C, searing them from the inside. It is currently unknown how D-316847's blood didn't boil when it hit 100°C, or how it never cooled down at all after SCP-3397 was taken off.

Test 3

Subject:D-42104, Male of Mexican descent. Personally identified as female. sentenced to death for [REDACTED], resulting in 2 casualties
Chest pockets:Empty
Time: 18 hours
Results: Subject comments that SCP-3397 is “a little sticky on the inside…” before zipping it up. Subject goes through a process similar to contact with SCP-113, but much slower. Wakes up claiming to never remember being male in the first place. Neural scans indicate that all of D-42104’s memory has been changed to fit their physical body.

Test 4

Subject: D-71458. Female of African descent. Sentenced to death for driving a 2016 Ford Transit Passenger through a crowded outdoor mall, causing 12 casualties.
Chest pockets:Empty
Time:7 hours
Results:During the process of this alteration, a multitude of sounds were produced from SCP-3397, and from inside D-71458. Within the first 3 hours, the sounds seemed to be that of car repair/ construction, including metallic clanks, a multitude of different clicks, and various power tools. During the next 3 hours, the sounds consisted of sounds that a 2016 Ford Transit Passenger would make, such as honks, engine noises, and various types of sputtering. during the last hour, all that could be heard from SCP-3397 was a quiet occasional click or clank. D-71458 never woke up, and an autopsy showed that their stomach was replaced with an unidentified automobile engine, and 89% of their other interior structure was pieces of metal and unidentified car parts.

Test 6

Subject:D-519385. Latino male, a former professional sculptor, sentenced to death for first-degree murder, no further details given.
Chest pockets:Right pocket contained a picture of a marble statue of a male in a T-pose that D-519385 had made before becoming a D-class personnel.
Time:15 hours.
Results:After 10 hours, subject’s body entirely changed into marble. And during the remaining 5 hours, their position changed to a T-pose. Subject never woke up

Test 7

Subject:D-69343, Caucasian male, former electrical engineer, sentenced to death for [EXPUNGED]
Chest pockets:Left pocket contained an A19 sized, 60 watt light bulb.
Time:3 hours
Results:Subject awoke with their eyes emitting 840 lumens, and their mouth emitting 12 lumens. Subject reported that they had become partially blind, most of their vision being obscured by white light, and there was a slight pressure on the back of their eye sockets.

Test 8

Subject:D-15695, Dutch male. Registered sociopath, has shown an uncanny love to the "Dragon" mythos. sentenced to death for an attempted act of terrorism, by setting [REDACTED] on fire.
Chest pockets:Right pocket contained a drawing of a dragon breathing fire, Left pocket contained a drawing of a dragon in a cave of various gold objects and gems.
Time: 6 hours
Results:Subject grew two curved horn-like growths on the top of their head right above their temples, and most of subjects skin on their torso, arms, and legs had been replaced by metal like scales of unknown material. When subject awoke, a fairly large burst of fire shot out of their mouth, catching them, and SCP-3397 on fire, killing D-15695. It is unknown where the fire came from.

Note:When SCP-3397 was retrieved from D-15695’s corpse, it showed burn markings but no other signs of damage3.

Test 9

Subject:D-50732, white American male, sentenced to death for the attempted assassination of the CEO of [DATA REDACTED], James D. ██████.
Chest pockets:Left pocket contained a picture of James D. ██████
Time:1 hour
Results:Subject's entire body performed a genetic transformation, marking them identical to James D. ██████. Multiple interviews show that D-50732 claimed they were James D. ██████, and that the last thing they remember was D-50732's attempted assassination. Subject terminated

This damn thing seems to know what it's doing to these people.
-Dr. ████

Due to the wide range of tests that can be performed on SCP-3397, all test results past Test 9 are to be recorded in log #3397, per request of Dr. ████████