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Object Class: █████████

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-SCP-XXXX-J is to be contained in a manner that would prevent a breach, in the event of a breach, it is advised that nobody writes a report on an SCP or imagines an anomaly in which would be classified as an SCP, and writes it down in the same format that one would write a report on an SCP. Exactly what manner this containment would be is unknown as a breach is probably happening right now as this document is being written, due to the memetic effects of SCP-SCP-XXXX-J. If a containment breach of SCP-SCP-XXXX-J occurs and somebody does write a report of an SCP (or fictional anomaly in SCP report format) it would lead to [DATA EXPUNGED], resulting in our sun imploding, the supermassive black hole in the center of the Andromeda galaxy expanding 10[DATA REDACTED] times, at least 5 people on the earth spilling their coffee simultaneously, and the dog who belongs to a man named Emmet ████ eating his 13 year old son's homework that was due tomorrow. Its current containment area is On this webpage, in disguise as a guide on how to format an SCP. document1

Description: SCP-SCP-XXXX-J consists of several pieces of formatting that would be used to write an SCP document, ranging SCP-SCP-XXXX-J-1-3, and SCP-SCP-XXXX-J's own format is several rules for writing an SCP document. SCP-SCP-XXXX-J-1 consists of an item number, object class, Special Containment Procedures, a description, and at least one addendum. SCP-SCP-XXXX-J-2 is a format used to document an interview either with D-Class personnel involved, or the SCP's themselves, it consists of a quick listing of the entities involved, a foreward, a log date/time, passage of the conversation that takes place in the interview,2 and a closing statement/note. SCP-SCP-XXXX-J-3 is a collection of two alternate formats of how to write a test log, the first consisting of a test number/log date, subject in the test, the attempted procedure, what actually happened, and a short analysis of exactly what the data collected means. The second consisting of just a log date, followed by what happened. The aforementioned rules that SCP-SCP-XXXX-J includes are making sure to keep a very cynical tone in writing3, making sure that there are no gramer errors, making sure the data isn't too cluttered and all over the place, not [DATA REDACTED], [DATA EXPUNGED], or ███████████████ too much information, and no speling mistakes.
The anomalous effects of SCP-SCP-XXXX-J manifest when a human (or any literate entity) reads an unused instance of SCP-SCP-XXXX-J-1-3. When this happens, they gain motivation to think of a fictional anomaly and document it using the exact formats that SCP-SCP-XXXX-J consists of. As soon as they begin to write the new SCP, they will mostly loose motivation, spending a few hours actually thinking about what the anomaly would be, and how to contain it without writing. If any other literate entity begins to document an SCP, or write a fictional one using SCP-SCP-XXXX-J-1-3, [DATA EXPUNGED] and [DATA EXPUNGED] which can only be reversed by [DATA EXPUNGED] by [DATA REDACTED]. However, it is also reversible by [DATA EXPUNGED] if somebody writes "[DATA EXPUNGED]" all over a crucial part of the SCP, leaving the readers confused and almost upset. The Anomalous effects of SCP-SCP-XXXX-J also manifest if somebody tries to write an SCP document without using SCP-SCP-XXXX-J-1-3, which leads to the best bet being nobody ever documents another SCP again, but that's a terrible best bet so we aren't gonna do that.

Recovery: SCP-SCP-XXXX-J was discovered when the first SCP documentation occurred, roughly around ██/██/2007, with the documentation of SCP-173.

Why do we use so many dashes on these documents? In the name SCP-SCP-XXXX-J-1-3, there are 5 dashes! I know it's necessary to prevent the memetic effects of this thing but do we really need to? It's so tedious. - Dr.██████5

Hey ███, you didn't put an adden

Recovery: The document for SCP-SCP-XXXX-J was found in the middle of ██████ on ██/██/20██, Theories suggest that the writing of SCP-SCP-XXXX-J caused it's apocalypse effects on whatever alternate universe that it was written, so let's not finish SCP-SCP-XXXX-J's documentation for a while.