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Item #: SCP-3416

Object Class: Euclid



Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-3416 is to be kept in a small glass room with ventilation. One armed guard is to be on duty at all times fitted with sound proofing gear. When the allotted weekly cleaning and maintenance procedure is to be done, no less than two Class-D are to enter the room at a time for cleaning. If the ventilation is to break down two authorized clearance Level-1 are to enter with sound proofing headphones. They must be instructed to not take them off for any reason. If they are removed for any reason they should be quarantined immediately.

Description: Item SCP-3416 has been relocated to facility ███████ after a containment breach from two Level-2 members that were immediately terminated. SCP-3416 is a small 1 foot tall, 1 foot wide feathered animal closely related to a crow or raven. Class-D reports show that the animal has no body heat within its body when idle. During an interview vital signs become apparent. The animal has no visible eyes on its face and has two yellow legs and feet that of a chicken. History of SCP-3416 is unknown. SCP-3416's vocals are of a middle aged male. Actual tone varies for unknown reasons. The SCP is highly intelligent to an unknown degree and it favors physical objects. SCP-3416 demands a new object not related to the previous one each week 12:00 AM each sunday morning. When interacted with the SCP begins to emit heat at a temperature of 60 degrees and increases with continued interaction.
SCP-3416 first showed signs of intelligence upon containment. It questioned a Security Officer about what it was contained in and if it was allowed to leave. This occurred while SCP-3416 was in containment around 7:34 Pm on June ██ ████. This was reported and a more secure container was made and the SCP was relocated to it.

Addendum: SCP-3416 seems to be interested in physical objects even though it has no visible eyes. The SCP asks for an item and keeps it for one week then completely loses interest. Attempts to make it study it further or leaving it in the containment chamber have shown to put the SCP in a state of distress. Further study have shown the SCP soon becomes hostile if the object is not removed and replace with another different one. The SCP will emit a high pitched frequency based on the age group around it causing headaches, nausea, vomiting, and seizures. Attempts to make the room soundproof have little to no effect.

Interviewed: SCP-3416
Interviewer: Dr. Kelly ███████
Foreword: September 15 20██, 5:00pm
<Begin Log>
Dr. Kelly: "Hello. My name is Dr. Kelly ███████. I am here to ask you a few questions if thats ok with you."
SCP-3416: "Hello Dr. Kelly. Are you as curious about the physical world as I am?"
Dr. Kelly: "Yes I am in fact. On to the questions."
Dr. Kelly: "SCP-3416, why are you so interested in physical objects?"
SCP-3416: "The way things are made. How they are made and where they come from fascinate me. Like this ball you have given to me"
Dr. Kelly: "Alright. Next question. Why do you get upset when we don't give you something new?"
SCP-3416: (Remains silent)
Dr. Kelly: "We will skip that one for now. Where did you come from?"
SCP-3416: "I do not remember. I remember lots of bright lights and voices though."
Dr. Kelly: "I see…are there more creatures like you?"
Class-D: (Holding the microphone towards SCP-3416) "Its getting hot in here…are we almost done?"
(Proceeds to stand closer to the Class-D) "Yes. But they do not look like me."
Dr. Kelly: "Class-D would you please move away from SCP-3416 please?"
Class-D: "I can't breathe. It's to hot in here. Let me out man!"
SCP-3416: (Moves closer to Class-D) "Dr. Kelly. Please remove the ball. This human is my new subject."
Dr. Kelly: "We can not allow that. Class-D please leave the room."
SCP-3416: (Emits a high frequency)
Dr. Kelly: "Turn it off. We are done."
<End Log, 5:37 Pm>
Closing Statement: The guards were quickly suited up with the sound proofing headgear and the Class-D was immediately removed and sent for study. The containment chamber was close to 36.1 degrees celsius upon further inspection. The ventilation was activated and the chamber locked.