Item#: SCP- XxXx
Object class: Euclid
Special containment procedures: all instances of SCP-XxXx are to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell. Games and toys are to be supplied when needed. At least two (2) instances are to be kept in a single containment cell. SCP-XXXX is not to be left alone in a cell for longer than ten (10) hours.

Description: SCP-XxXx is a series of semi-humanoid beings varying in size, color, and personality. Instences are classified as SCP-XxXx-X. SCP-XxXx are five to six feet tall with pale colors and similarly colored hair and eyes, but variations are relatively common. Most are slim with long limbs, but this can vary between instances.
All instances of SCP-XxXx are to be fed a diet consisting of mainly potatoes and raw meat, but must be given supplements containing a currently unknown mineral once a day for three weeks after animation. Candy can be given as a reward for good behavior.
Currently the only way to acquire SCP-XXXX is to click on an advertisement that reads 'Need a friend? Click here to find the perfect Bringling for you!' in bright yellow lettering on a blue background, accompanied by a drawing of SCP-XxXx The advertisement links to a homepage labeled 'fill out all the answers, leave blank to randomize!'. On this page you can choose the specifics of SCP-XXXX that you want to order. Specifications include gender, main color, personality, size, weight, and [REDACTED]. Despite the optional additions of [REDACTED] SCP-XXXX is unable to reproduce.
The first instance of SCP-XxXx was discovered during a police investigation in the house of a suspected drug dealer. It was found in the attic, and seemed to have been severely beaten. It was confiscated by foundation personnel and labeled as as SCP-XxXx after medical treatment.
SCP-XxXx instances initially come in large wooden boxes labeled ‘Dr. Fabinir's living buildable buddy’. The contents of these boxes are as follows:

A white crystal of undetermined origin
Six (6) pieces of artificial skin (hair is attached to the scalp section of skin)
An artificial silicone heart with an opening to hold the crystal
A bag containing five (5) liters of a black powder labeled ‘dried blackblood'
Seven (7) sections of dark blue artificial bone, forming a complete skeleton when assembled
16 thin tubes
16 wires
A suction vacuum (presumed to be used for blood removal)
25 white pills of unknown origin
3 blue pills of unknown origin
A spool of thread corresponding to the color of SCP-xxxx and two (2) sewing needles
A paper describing how to build SCP-XXXX, called ‘Bringlings’ (contents below)

When built to these instructions, SCP-XxXx will animate within a period of three to five hours. After approximately three hours, they are able to move and react to external stimulus. Fifteen are currently in foundation containment.

All instances of SCP-XXXX are friendly towards all foundation staff and other SCPs, often insisting on games and conversation. They will frequently attempt to make contact and attempt to befriend with safe-class SCPs.
In case of a containment breach or other examples of negative behavior, SCP-XXXX is to be left in a room alone for as long as felt needed. This period is not to be extended beyond twenty (10) hours to avoid mental deterioration. Any period of time alone for longer leads to massive mental issues including but not limited to visual and auditory hallucinations, depression, anger, and [REDACTED].