1. caused by reality bender controlling XACTS
2. that time is the only thing happening
3. more then a year in the loop
4. doesn't do immoral stuff
5. reality bender got attached through experiment
6. reality bender altered it to go forwards and backwards
7. reality bender is a leech, without him it's nothing.
8. maybe a tidbit about how it relies on perception, don't know it, can't affect you.
9. Test subject.
10. since it restarts the day all signs of experiment gone for afterwards.


Alright, where do I start, I've been stuck in this hellhole since I don't know, a couple of years or so. For the person receiving this, which is unlikely anyone will, most likely it's only been a day since I've acted weird. Let me introduce myself, I'm researcher Smith, ever since I was experimenting with Reality benders, I made a discovery, a infohazard. This infohazard just leeches, I don't know what it wants. It hates, that's all I know. It's been leeching off of me, only me.
You probably want some sort of description after I've written it many times before in different iterations, here you go.
Containment procedures: none, this thing I'll call it can't be contained. I've tried everything, I've even tried decapitation, but it didn't let me do that. Description:
I've tried spreading it in a couple of iterations but nothing happens. For my knowledge it's sentient, simple amnesics should cure it right? It just so happens it discovered a XACT, now it can control time. Whenever I try to stop it, new day, go to bed, new day, nothing ever changes. I'm only a class 3, what am i supposed to do. I'm not some sort of psycho like some level four's that I've heard about, but sometimes I just want to end it all.