This article has since been archived due to work done by Psychologist [REDACTED] and his research into the psychology of the subject, subject should no longer be labeled anomalous though his work for the foundation is to continue due to his unique psychology.


Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to work in the foundation for normal cases and which fit into his anomalous properties. When referring to them in documents not referencing his anomalous capabilities they should be referred to by their name instead of their serial number. In the case of SCP-XXXX leaving the job standard procedures should be followed.

Description: SCP-XXXX was discovered during hiring of junior researchers for a minor site, while long term memory was possible, short term memory is shorter then usual and attention span is short as a side effect. long term memory occurs after significant reminders or importance of short term memories. Work was acceptable, but due to anomalous properties, frustrations from supervisors was achieved.

Anomalous properties where first reported in a outbreak of SCP-████, approximately 99% of all personal on site displayed anomalous properties consistent of that of a highly infectious memetic disease, as an effort to contact personal on site SCP-XXXX was contacted to establish a contact on the site. Though initially SCP-XXXX noticed no such symptoms on further investigation he noted symptoms on investigation. Affected personal were given class A amnestics.

It is suspected that the reason it didn't spread to SCP-XXXX is that while normal minds would be consumed by SCP-████, SCP-XXXX simply didn't care therefore allowing effects to be prevented. When interviewed on this event about him not reporting straight away, he noted that he thought it was probably nothing and should be ignored. SCP-XXXX has since been trained after this incident to report when memetic symptoms occur.