Item #: SCP-XXXX
Object class: Safe
Special containment procedures:
SCP-XXXX was discovered when a terrorist attack in a Muslim church on ██████ ██, 1974, during investigation authorities entered the town for interrogation of family during the start of the end of a SCP-XXXX event. All personal involved in the discovery was administered amnestics and a cover story was released. Several personal are to stay in the town to report any changes in behavior and symptoms of a event to send them to any level four researchers for review. If they show positive signs of a SCP-XXXX event all personal are to evacuate inside the area and be monitored in case any SCP-XXXX symptoms occur out of designated area where event occurs. During a SCP-XXXX event guards are to be positioned outside of the town to prevent anyone from leaving or entering the town. Personnel entering inside the town during later stages is to be prevented except with permission from a level four researcher and have means to stay under cover. Drone usage is recommended, all drones must remain hidden due to fear of civilians leaving town, (see Incident-3421).
Description: SCP-XXXX is an event lasting 13-28 days in usual every 1 to 3 years in Winston, Wyoming. Notable properties include, sky turning cloudy to where inside the clouds observance is impossible, outside observance is possible, but features the appearance of an estimated 20 days in the past and going inside changes the view to present day. Detecting events of the present day is viewed as impossible by standards due to several tests featuring various equipment, (cataloged in [DATA REDACTED]). Several drones sent inside the clouds noted existing space, proper hume levels, and the atmosphere acting as usual, but visible sight is impossible besides clouds. Exiting above the area of clouds will result in view as if outside the town during a SCP-XXXX event and clouds to be seen.
Whenever a SCP-XXXX event occurs all humans inside or near the town slowly enter an enraged state scaling with time along with feelings of xenophobia, exiting the town past approximately 5 days after the start results with stages having similar effects, scale of effects correlates with time inside town and time inside town after start of a SCP-XXXX event. Entering the town causes no effects to the personal, but hostility is reported to be occurred from the residents, attempts at physical harm is to be expected after several days of a SCP-XXXX event.
After 3-9 days society begins to report extreme xenophobia and targets different groups specifically of race or culture, civilians usually experience rage towards other civilians and outside famous groups. An average of 50% of civilians stop going to jobs. After 10-15 days people stop leaving their immediate area and usually group up with nearby neighbors, extreme hostility is reported, mainly towards people outside of their area but inside fights aren’t uncommon. During days 16-20 violence breaks out between groups, property damage is minimized between groups, attempted murder between people with no criminal record or previous isn’t uncommon. The last couple of days of a SCP-XXXX event groups break apart and society restructures, people involved in the event report guilt of the events and help others with any physical damage caused by the event and repair any broken items. After approximately 20 days all people involved forget the event that occurred and all xenophobia or anger caused by the event are gone. Past this point any physical evidence in the town is gone, by anomalous or explained means.