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The following file is Level 4/5134 classified. Unauthorized access is forbidden.

Viewing Further Will Result In Memetic Agent Activation

Item#: 5134
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5134 will be under the watch of site directors Dr. Greene. SCP-5134 will be kept in any Site-06 location. There should be at least 5 MTF Alpha-9 members within a 1 kilometer radius of SCP-5134's cell at all times. There will be at least 16 MTF Alpha-9 on site at all times.

SCP-5134 will be contained within a 14x14x5 meter cell resembling a cottage with guarded access to a church. Only class 4/5134 personnel and MTF Alpha-9 can access SCP-5134 unless a containment breach occurs, then all other personnel will guard SCP-5134 if possible.

All class 4/5134 and MTF Alpha-9 personnel can be registered Class A amnestics to negate SCP-5134-1B. SCP-5134's cell will have no standard cameras and only infrared cameras and motion sensors. SCP-5134-1A should only transform in the cell. If SCP-5134 allows SCP-5134-1A to transform outside the cell, SCP-5134 will be isolated for 48 hours.

SCP-5134 is allowed to roam the facility freely and interact with researchers and SCPs when given the authority to from a level 4/5134 researcher or above. It will be noted that SCP-5134 and SCP-5134-1A have never attacked any passive SCP or researcher. All personnel will respect SCP-5134's opinions and Christianity.

SCP-5134 is to be allowed access to a priest at least once a week. SCP-5134 will go to a guarded church at least 2 times a week.

SCP-5134 will talk to Dr. Greene once a week. Dr. Greene will be the only one interviewing SCP-5134 as he shows affection towards Dr. Greene. SCP-5134

Description: SCP-5134 is a male with Caucasian origins and measures roughly 2 meters in height. SCP-5134 according to Dr. Greene is a "Helpful, nice, quirky person". SCP-5134's neck has a permanent red scar on the front of it with a rope pattern on it. SCP-5134's bloodline comes from Dublin, Ireland and he was intercepted in St. Fredericksburg, TX (█/██/2017). SCP-5134's DNA dates back to around 70 AD.

Anomalous Property: SCP-5134's property allows him to do or make anything. This is theorized to be the workings of the Tulpa Effect. The Tulpa Effect is a thoughtform, or being created from the collective thoughts of separate individuals. SCP-5134 may not actually be able to make or do things physically, but mentally, he could have a collective conscience of other Christians and/or a more powerful mind in some way. His belief limits this however, as he only uses his property if he thinks it is "rightful and just". SCP-5134 is only permitted to use this ability when given authority from 2 or more 05 council members unless a containment breach or K-class end of the world scenario occurs.

SCP-5134's property causes the following effects to him during the process, heart rate can rise up to 400 beats per minute, hyperactive brain activity happens in all areas, adrenal glands start producing at extreme rates, and rapid micro muscle relaxation and contractions occur, this causes extreme fatigue afterwards and these conditions vary on the task. SCP-5134 will then have a "resting" period of roughly 26-54 hours depending on the severity of the task.

SCP-5134-1: SCP-5134 carries SCP-5134-1, a crucifix with 16th century words "God", "Jesus", and "The Boy Who Can" engraved in the middle and sides of it. The crucifix is about 12 centimeters in height and 8 in width, it is made out of pure gold and diamond and can not be destroyed. If SCP-5134-1 gets over 2 kilometers away it will automatically teleport in SCP-5134's hand back in the form of a crucifix. SCP-5134-1 is known to transform into a Caucasian shepherd through unknown methods (in Caucasian shepherd form he will be referred as SCP-5134-1A). SCP-5134-1A is about 1.5 meters tall and is male. SCP-5134-1A has black fur and a white scruff. SCP-5134-1A also has a leather collar with the words "A Gift From Above" written on it. SCP-5134-1A has seemingly infinite stamina, extremely strong jaws, and irregularly large canine teeth. SCP-5134-1A tends to transform twice as much and stays active longer during SCP-5134's resting period. SCP-5134-1A could be a defence to SCP-5134 during his resting process.

When SCP-5134-1A transforms, he will begin to emit a memetic effect for up to 48 hours (referred as SCP-5134-1B) and anyone viewing will instantly convert to Christianity regardless of religion, this may be a fail safe if people stop believing Christianity. SCP-5134-1A can still be a Caucasian shepherd after 48 hours.

  • SCP-5134 could be a revival of humanity if a fatal containment breach occurs or other K-class end of the world scenarios.
  • SCP-5134 could be used to contain or neutralize SCPs if necessary.
  • SCP-5134 can NOT get in the hands of other groups or people.