The Blue Wolf

Item #: SCP-3701

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3701 is to be contained within a standart land animal containment cell with an additional feeding area linked with a reinforced, magnetically locked steel vault door. Each chamber is to be reinforced with concrete-metal walls. Each corner of the chambers ceiling is to be fitted with cameras and are to be protected with a plexiglass screen. A steel basin that is constantly supplied with fresh water is to be built into the main containment cell.

At least three (3) live cattle animals are to be introduced to the feeding chamber twice a day by D-Class personnel.

Every year, in the day of █████ ██ a female D-Class personnel of Mongolian descent is to be introduced to the feeding chamber of the SCP-3701. After the procedure is complete, previously mentioned D-Class is to be terminated.

In case of a Containment Breach, MTF-Sigma-76 “Phallus Blockers” is to be dispatched.

Description: SCP-3701 appears to be a male Mongolian wolf (canis lupus chanco) of an extraordinary size. It is measured to be 7.4 ft (2.64 m) from head to tail, and 5.7 ft (1.72 m) from paw to shoulder. Creature is measured to weigh a 1485 lb (674 kg). Aside from its considerable size, SCP-3701’s fur also has a hue of gray with highlights of turquoise. SCP-3701 exhibits an unnatural muscle flexibility and durability combined with an extreme bone density, making any exploratory surgeries difficult with conventional tools. SCP-3701 also appears to be able to “vanish” at will. Foundation issue high speed cameras record that SCP-3701 is able move at speeds of approximately ███ (███) within short bursts (██ seconds), and maneuver with an unlikely agility1 during its high speed burst.(See Experiment Log: E-3701-A12) After such an action, the SCP-3701 is observed to become exhausted and famished, immediately seeking prey to replenish its strength. This ability, combined with the SCP-3701 apparent knowledge of its habitats geography explains the creatures ability to vanish at will.

SCP-3701 is sentient, and is able to vocalize in two (2) previously unknown dialects of Mongolian2 ,(See Incident Log: I-3701-I3) making communication and negotiation possible yet extremely limited due to the lack of proper understanding of the dialects that are vocalized by the entity. Current interviews record that SCP-3701 sees the Foundation as an "acceptable lair”. Any remarks on its contained status has been met with growling and yet to be deciphered sentences. Further questioning on SCP-3701-2 instances, the SCP-3701’s nature, and its habits is suspended until the dialect can be deciphered.

SCP-3701 mostly avoids human contact, acting like a normal member of the canis lupus and will not attempt to leave its habitat barring the periodical mating season of its species. During the mating season, SCP-3701 will actively seek out a human female. SCP-3701 will attempt to copulate with the said individual3 . Any mate designated by SCP-3701 will here after be referred as SCP-3701-1. Any resistance to SCP-3701’s attempts at mating by the SCP-3701-1 will result in SCP-3107 mauling SCP-3701-1 until she either submits or is terminated due to severe blunt force trauma, blood loss, or severely damaged vital organs. Any attempts at keeping SCP-3701 away from SCP-3701-1 trough force is met with violence from SCP-3701. If SCP-3701 is unable to neutralize resistance immediately, it will attempt to conduct hit and run attacks against any assiliants. It shall not stop until all opposing forces are decimated. SCP-3701 will not stop its attacks even if the resistance is withdrawn until all previous combatants are terminated. If the access to the SCP-3701-1 is blocked by an obstacle, such as an enclosed space, SCP-3701 will attempt to break into the location. This attempt can take from several hours, to several years. SCP-3701 may cease its efforts for short periods of time to hunt and feed itself, yet will not fully cease until it has reached the SCP-3701-1.

After the incident, SCP-3701-1 will give birth to one, or several instances (See Incident Log: I-3701-███) of SCP-3701-2 after a mere two (2) weeks of pregnancy, which will always be an humanoid male. Instances of SCP-3701-2 show anomalously fast biological growth rates, fully reaching into adulthood in a mere ██████ (██) ████ and they show lenience towards violence as soon as they do. Subjects show an overwhelming interest and an accelerated rate of learning towards martial subjects ranging from close quarters combat, modern and historical military tactics, operation of various ranged weaponry, horseback riding, operation of mechanical vehicles, blacksmithing, hunting, [DATA EXPUNGED] and require only a few sources of information to acquire in-depth knowledge on the listed subjects4. The SCP-3107-2 instances also appear to be very charismatic to other humans and can inspire fanatic loyalty5 within those that he has “bonded”6 with.

The autopsy reports on SCP-3701-2 instances show results that are inconsistent with [DATA EXPUNGED]. Please see Experiment Log: E-3701-████ for further details.

Any attempts at abortion of SCP-3701-2 instances have failed due to the resistance [DATA EXPUNGED]. This, coupled with the unrest caused by the SCP-3701 during the operation7 makes the termination of SCP-3107-1 instances only viable option for a prolonged containment.

Addendum 3701.1: SCP-3701 was first discovered on ██/ ██/19██, after the reports of “wide scale tribal warfare” in north-eastern Mongolia, due to the reports provided by the Mongolian government. Due to the unlikely nature of the events, an investigative team was dispatched to find if any anomalies were present. After an investigation that lasted for ██ weeks the team was able to locate a late instance of a SCP-3701-2 which was leading a major conflict to unite all nomadic tribes under his own rule. This SCP-3701-2 instance was able to gather support from Russian government for weaponry, logistics and raw materials aid in exchange for being a reserve proxy force and a bargaining chip against Chinese government. (see Documents: D-3701- ██) The SCP-3701-2 overly aggressive actions made further collaboration with the tribe unlikely for Russian government, who wanted deniability. After a series of confidential joined military operations ran by Russian and Mongolian governments had failed due to tactical and technological superiority of the tribal forces, the Russian government had tip off the Foundation to help with removal of the military presence of the allied tribes.

After the evaluation of retrieved information, Foundation dispatched MTF Nu-7 “Hammer Down” to the theatre.(See After Action Report: AAR-3701-1) After █ months of conflict and ███ casualties to Foundation personnel and ███.███.███ $ worth of loses the SCP-3701-02 instance was successfully contained. During transportation, the convoy responsible for the SCP-3701-2’s relocation was attacked by SCP-3701. Convoy was able to fend off the attack despite the loses, however SCP-3701-2 instance was shot attempting to escape and was terminated.

Following the incident, MTF Nu-7 was tasked with containing SCP-3701. Despite protesting that this was not their area of expertise, order was not changed. To ease the process, a group of researchers and experts were attached to Nu-7 to assist the containment efforts. After two (2) weeks, SCP-3701 was contained without any further incidents.(See After Action Report: ARR-3701-2)