OpWolf 004
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Archived Imagery of SCP-XXXX provided by the Records and Information Security Administration.


Object Class: Euclid Keter

Threat Level: Orange

Revised Special Containment Procedures: The current whereabouts of SCP-XXXX is unknown, and is being investigated and monitored by Mobile Task Force Zeta-13 ("Eye from the Sky"). Due to the sensitive nature and circumstantial events that surrounds SCP-XXXX; all incremental information that pertains to the existence of SCP-XXXX is to be suppressed and redacted from public knowledge. Any discovery of SCP-XXXX being referenced in any historical document or current events must immediately be reported to the Research and Information Security Administration

Description: SCP-XXXX is a humanoid male that appears to be 6'3 (190cm) tall and is seen to be distinctly to wear a black suit, black fedora, and is also seen to be carrying a briefcase. Not much is known about the briefcase itself as SCP-XXXX is the only individual to have access to that briefcase.1 Although SCP-XXXX doesn't show any kind of remorse nor emotions when in discussions with other people, it's quite understood that SCP-XXXX doesn't understand any kind of human emotions when in coming to conversations. SCP-XXXX's age is currently unknown, as SCP-XXXX hasn't aged since its first reported sighting in Jacksonville, Florida, on May 3rd 1901.

The anomalous nature of SCP-XXXX becomes evident once SCP-XXXX begins to write or create an encrypted pattern on an A4 sheet. Not much is understood about the pattern itself, but what many cryptologists understood is that these patterns, when decrypted, show that they can be interpreted into dates. However, what makes the encrypted pattern complex is that it is accompanied with coordinates that have no definite meaning, nor correlations to any of the dates that have been encrypted some of the coordinates within the pattern may possibly have a some sort of connections as the recent event that was encrypted have already occurred in February 26th 1993, followed by 11th September 2001. Previous attempts to contain SCP-XXXX have been unsuccessful, as Foundation agents in the field have reported that SCP-XXXX disappeared in their attempt of containment.2

Surveillance operations by an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle that was deployed by MTF Zeta-13 in spite of SCP-XXXX's containment breach,3 have recently made visual sightings on SCP-XXXX in Glendale, California, on January 26th 2005. Drone footage on SCP-XXXX showed that SCP-XXXX stood at least ninety meters from the train tracks. Approximately at 6:03 a.m. PST, a Metro link train had collided with utility vehicle, which had resulted in 11 killed and 177 casualties. When emergency services had initially arrived at the incident, SCP-XXXX had already vacated the premises. Prior to that incident, surveillance operations on SCP-XXXX are still ongoing.

During the subject's interview within Site-██ when SCP-XXXX was contained at the time, SCP-XXXX handed over a paper with his writing that contained a cryptic patterned code. When asked about the patterns SCP-XXXX refused to answer. When the Foundation had only decrypted one of the codes, it merely contained the date; "July 20th 1951". At the time, the Foundation didn't understood the significance of the date until in July 20th 1951, the King of Jordan, Abdullah I of Jordan, was assassinated. Because of that incident, SCP-XXXX was immediately put into questioning and had refused to answer any information that pertains to the patterns in question. Overtime, the patterns were later decrypted and so far, as of 17 patterns out of the [REDACTED] have already occurred.

History: In May 3rd 1901, a conflagration had occurred in Jacksonville, Florida, which had resulted many structure buildings to be destroyed, and causing at least 7 fatalities. During the conflagration however; many witnesses had reported an unidentified individual in a black suit leaving the factory before the incident had initially occurred. This wasn't until the Foundation launched a clandestine operation onto sightings of SCP-XXXX since its report in 1901 and lately discovered SCP-XXXX to be in Bavaria on November 8th 1929, when Adolf Hitler attempted to bring a coup against the Bavarian government which resulted the coup being unsuccessful. At that time, the Foundation had been ambiguous about SCP-XXXX whether should they attempt to approach this individual in question. Fortunately, SCP-XXXX had turned himself into the Foundation when SCP-XXXX approached Royal Military Police officials outside of Site-██ in Northern Yorkshire, UK, on ██ ████ 1949.

Addendum XXXX-01: Since the transfer of SCP-XXXX to Site-██, the Foundation has conducted multiple interviews of SCP-XXXX to extract out any vital information from him. A particular case was in ██ ███████ 1950, the following is a transcript between Dr. Alexya and SCP-XXXX.