Item #: SCP-6962-D.S.

Object Class: thaumiel

Special Containment procedures: the entity is currently housed in the site-62 west wing, from 12:00 am to 12:00 pm every day the magnetic field must be checked for damage, and the object must be socialized with. Occasionally the SCP must be fed blood ( Human Blood). At times SCP-6962 will show a memory of its past, if that happens the employee that is in side the containment room, because the SCP will resonate with them.

Description: SCP-6962-D.S. are two identical swords with a soul tied to them , made of crystalized metal from the dimension 26 we believe. The two sword are 3.5 feet long and weight is random, the color is purple, the object has been contained since december of 1947, was used by a soldier in world war 2 and possibly world war 1 (by the same soldier). When the object is used by a person it gives the user dimensional warp abilities, but makes the user unracianal and like a vampire needing human blood to survive the dimensional warping, scientist have tried to find a way to make a person using them be more racianal, but very little progress. The reason for this is when a scientist sent a employee in the containment room the two swords spoke, said that he was from another dimension only trying to get back but without a strong enough host, it can’t. The swords also said that he was a spirit attached to the swords.

SCP-6962-D.S. gives off projections of his past at his own dimension where he was created. What the scientists have found was that it was in a world with humanoids but they had horns and tails. They have classified this as a dimension named “Dimension M.D.”.

Voice recording -01: After the projections the scientists asked “If you lower the irrationality when you've found a host we will find a way to get you back”. SCP-6962 makes a projection and looks at them through the one way glass, startling the scientists and says “I can’t bring down the irrationality of the host, Im not controlling them it's up to their mental state if they have a good mental state they can control it”.