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SCP- (Before anomalous properties were discovered).

Item #: SCP-
The Prophecy of the fallen.
Object Class: Keter
The crushing weight of Paradise.
Special Containment Procedures: The Parking space around SCP- and the location itself have been purchased by the foundation and marked as private property. A surrounding area of approx. 20 meters has been converted to Site-IVX/J. A perimeter fence approximately 3.5 Meters in height, circling the entirety of SCP- has been placed in case of a containment breach or unauthorized entry.
The water forgives. But never the ice.
All entrances and exits to SCP- is to be monitored at all times, and no one is to enter SCP- outside of testing, as permitted by the Site Manager. Two armed guards are to constantly be watching the main east entrance.
A white angel who looms in shade.
Humans exiting SCP- are to be detained and kept within Site-IVX/J. Under no circumstances are any subjects detained allowed to leave the site at any time. If any instance of SCP- -2 is seen exiting, such instance should be terminated upon sight. If any instance of SCP- -2 is to escape, Site-IVX/J is to immediately go under a level 5 lockdown. If the instance of SCP- -2 can not be found within 48 hours, Site-IVX/J is to prepare for a XIX-Class "Oh Murder Mine" Scenario1. If any entity is seen exiting SCP- that matches the description of SCP- -3, the subject is to be detained and subjugated to thorough interrogation and further questioning.
Humanities mistakes shall be paid.

In blood or sweat, whichever you prefer.
Description: SCP- is a fast food restaurant branded as Culver's, a popular midwestern fast-food chain. Any carbon-based life with higher brain functions that currently have an X Particle Receiver Level (XPRL) over 56 based upon negative stimuli or emotions, will find themselves upon entering SCP- (through any entrances or exits) to be translocated to SCP- -1. Any person that enters SCP- without any form of XPRL or an XPRL based upon positive emotions will either have that level of stimuli placed on them or will be shown a future in which would cause such an emotional change. Any object that enters SCP- that is unable to project XPRL's will be lost without any possibility of recovery.
SCP- -1 is identical to SCP- before anomalous properties were discovered. The front section of SCP- contains a counter, along with three registers, above of which is the average Culver's Menu display. An image of which can be found in Addendum IX.11/9. All items shown in Addendum IX.11/9. can be ordered and be consumed. The back portion of SCP- -1 resembles the average seating area of most Culver's restaurants, with approx. 80 seats, 70 tables, 2 LED televisions (Approx. 115 cm), and 1 electric fireplace. The walls of SCP- -1 resemble SCP- except for one keen difference, all windows outlooking SCP- -1 show several unknown star systems and galaxies.

SCP- -2 are several humanoid entities that resemble employees of SCP- before anomalous properties were discovered. SCP- -2 originate from SCP- -1, but can go outside of it. In all cases, SCP- -2 wear black pants, a blue collared shirt, and a blue apron embroidered with the Culver's logo. Instances of SCP- -2 are identical copies to the original employees and seem to have no personality or sense of self. SCP- -2 are not immune to physical damage, however, said damage will affect the physical form of SCP- -2. Despite no having the muscle or tissue mass to do so, SCP- -2 have been recorded walking, talking, and moving without the necessary limbs and organs. While instances of SCP- -2 do not bleed, they do leak a white metallic substance when physically damaged. Every instance of SCP- -2 goes through a hibernation period that starts at 10 pm Central Daylight Time (CDT) and ends at 10 am CDT. All injures received during active hours begin to heal and regrow throughout hibernation. This will take the average amount of time to heal, as per a normal human subject. Upon leaving SCP- -1, instances of SCP- -2 will begin to combust, which can take a few seconds, or up to a full year. The size of the following explosion depends on the amount of human contact beforehand and is multiplied if there is more than one instance. Please look at Document RDEM. If any human comes into contact with SCP- -2 (Outside of SCP- -1) for a period of over 5 minutes, they will begin to convert into other instances of SCP- -2.

The foundation was first notified of SCP- 's existence on 2/19/████ when Officer [REDACTED] went to SCP- with sensitive information and classified documents. In the case of a media outbreak, The foundation responded swiftly and with purpose. Within minutes, Mobile Task Force Gamma-5 was sent to retrieve the information. Upon mission success, Mobile Task Force Gamma-5 noticed that two of their members were missing. Mobile Task Force Lambda-14 was sent to investigate in case of anomalous properties. A video recording of their findings can be found below.

I have spoken, your time is short.
SCP- -3 is an entity trapped in the form of a caucasian female of 29 years of age. The original form of SCP- -3 is unknown. However, SCP- -3 claims to be similar in form to particles of light or beams of light. SCP- -3's claims that its species created SCP- , SCP- -1, and the instances of SCP- -2. It also claims to have been trapped in its current physical form as a punishment for revealing sensitive documents detailing its race and the creation behind SCP- to previous humans who have entered SCP- . SCP- -3 is considered an asset to the foundation regarding information of SCP- and provided information on how SCP- was made and how it works. A full transcript of the interview detailing information on all subjects listed above can be read in Interview Log IIVW.
I will take great pleasure with every contort.

I ask of you one small thing.
Incident Log Polaris/IVO: is the result of misinformation and carelessness of the Site Manager3. This misdemeanor resulted in several foundation staff casualties, a full report of the incident can be seen below. This was also the first recorded instance of SCP- -2's combustion abilities.

Death to Kells.
Final Note: On 11/20/████, Dr. Autumntine Von Kováč of Site-IVX/J was notified of a note found during the latest inspection of SCP-'s main entrance. It was written in an unknown dialect. Upon asking SCP- -3 if they knew what it said, SCP- -3 responded with, "Death to Kells." When asked for context, SCP- -3 said, "You have already received it." It is unknown what they meant by this statement.