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Item #: SCP-5166

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: ESP-5166 needs to be kept while locked to a chain that is made of an anti-magnetic material, only personnel security of clearance level 3 or higher are allowed to interact with it, the cell must not have any magnetic material in it or within a distance of 100 meters from the cell

the cell needs have walls thicker than 10cm


Description: SCP-5166 is 16.6cm tall, 10cm wide and has semi-transparent arms stretching up to 20cm from the body

SCP-5166 makes a sound that sounds like a speech, it is very rarly making a sound and this is the only recording of it every making a sound: a recording of the sound

SCP-5166 is an unpredicted, it can stay still for years or run around the cell non stop, what we do know is that if it senses magnetic materials such as iron or stainless steel it becomes ghostly , and if the material is too close it will be able to move trough walls and break out of its container!

we don't know what the intercation between SCP-5166 and humans will be, but we know that it would be nearly imposible to catch it again, we saw signs of intelegence in SCP-5166 and we predict that it will try to revenge.

we do not know how SCP-5166 gets energy, but we do know that it is more energetic at night, if the cell is completly covered for days, SCP-5166 knows when it's night.

Addendum: conspiracy theories suggest that SCP-5166 could be a demon escaped from hell, but these theories have no proof at all