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Item #: SCP-3971

Object Class: Euclid Keter (See Incident Report 3971-C14, Incident Report 3971-C15)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3908 is located at Site-██ at the ██████ ███████. The specimen is to be contained in a 5 m X 6 m X 4 m containment cell. All subjects entering the entity's cell are to be decontaminated to make sure they don't agitate SCP-3971. When not being observed, SCP-3971's containment cell should be airlocked. SCP-3971 usually sits among the Northern wall of it's containment cell, and paces the same wall once a day, any change in that behavior is to be reported immidietly. SCP-3971 terminated 2 Class-D Personnel and injure after one subject started to torment the specimen during testing on (██/██/████).

Description: SCP-3971 seems to be an

Addendum: 3971-C14 [Interview after Incident 3971-C14]

D-30982 [A surviving victim of SCP-3971 after killing the 2 D-Class Personnel.]

Dr-███████ [Scientist of SCP-3971.]

Foreword [D-30982 proceeds to tell Dr-███████ about the incident with SCP-3971]

<Begin Log, [00h:00m]>

Dr-███████: D-30982, as a victim of SCP-3971, do you have any idea of what caused SCP-3971 to attack?

D-30982: Not at all.But after the containment door closed behind us, SCP-3971 suddenly attacked and [DATA EXPUNGED] D-31871 and then [REDACTED] D-32456.

Dr-███████: What did it do to you? How did it injure you?

D-30982: After it killed the other two Class D's it [DATA EXPUNGED] my arm and i couldn't use my arm. I still can't. It [REDACTED] my arm.


D-30982: Yeah, they seemed resentful.

Dr-███████: Resentful? Listen D-████, what did they look like, what color and what shape were the "eyes"?

D-30982: Well [REDACTED].


D-30982: As we began testing the [DATA EXPUNGED].

Dr-███████: Well, D-30982, time is up, let the ███-█████ escort you back to your cell.

<End Log, [07h:46m]>

Closing Statement: [Small summary and passage on what transpired afterward]